The Leopard Print Sandals

Hi girls,here is my new  Leopard Print Sandals

 Leopard Print Sandals

I seem to do this every sale season; fall in love with items too beautiful and too much of a bargain to resist, no matter the practicalities. By practicalities I mean size.

At full price I’d never entertain the notion of buying anything, especially shoes, bigger or smaller, but somehow if they cost less it doesn’t seem to matter so much.  Of course, this can sometimes end in disaster and a multitude of unworn purchases, but on the odd occasion taking the risk works out OK.

Such as in this case…Leopard Print Sandals violet nail polish

Say hello to my new  Leopard Print favourite shoes.

A block heel, some leopard print, just a hint of tan, one strap of metallic leather and a gold buckle! On paper, this combination should be total overkill but somehow it kind of works and I love it.

Like most good things in the sale my size was nowhere to be found (damn my average sized feet), but luckily, after a few weeks of scouring various River Island concessions I finally found a pair. A size too big, but for £20 I couldn’t NOT have them.

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