The LBBs You Need for the Holidays

Forget about the Little Black Dress, I bet you already have a ton sitting in your closet ready to be worn. This time, let’s focus on the Little Black Bag or the LBB. A small, black, purse is a handy addition to any girl’s wardrobe. You can wear it on days when you don’t feel like toting a huge purse around, for parties, and for when you just want something handy, chic, and stylish to carry your stuff in.


YSL Monogramme Kate Tasselysl kate black with gold hardwareysl kate black with gold hardware
ysl kate monogramme tassel bag ysl kate tassel monogramme sleek look

The Monogramme Kate Tassel bag from Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most iconic Little Black Bags I’ve seen thus far and it’s one of the chicest, too! It comes in various sizes, colors, and hardware, but black with gold hardware in the smallest size seems to be the perfect one to carry around for all your holiday parties this year.


Celine Mini Luggageceline black mini luggage outfit celine mini luggage tote celine sling mini luggage

These were all the rage back in 2010 when it debuted but it still holds a special place in our hearts, closets and, for those who don’t have it yet, wishlists. The Celine Mini Luggage purse has just enough structure to it to make it look sleek but it also has sort of a feminine vibe to it making it the perfect bag for women who want the best of both worlds. It’s perfect for parties and for the workplace, too!


A black Chanel mini bagchanel black and gold bag Chanel mini bag velvet with pompoms chanel mini purse

When it comes to black bags (or just bag in general, for that matter), Chanel always does it right. From the iconic Le Boy to the more recent styles the brand has released, everyone is always excited to get their hands on a Chanel purse. This is why you should consider getting a black mini purse from Chanel for the holidays. Not only will it add a touch of class and sass to your look, it’ll be a nice addition to your wardrobe too!


A black bucket bagblack bucket bag mini with sexy casual party outfit black bucket bag with tassel black bucket bag leather leggings and fur jacket coat

Not everyone can appreciate the beauty that is a black bucket bag, but it’s definitely something you can use when you’re running from one holiday party to another. With as much space, you can pretty much carry around everything that you need, from presents to makeup for touch ups and even a spare pair of shoes.Of course, you can opt for a mini when you want something a little bit dressier, too!


A black envelope purseenvelope clutch luxe design gold hardware envelope purse in black with gold trim envelope style purse and little black dress

Envelope purses don’t hold a lot of stuff, but they do make great accessories for those planning a fun night out for the holidays. A sleek one that’s just big enough to carry your essentials or one that has a wristlet is definitely somehting you can shop around for before the festivities start.



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