The January Clear Out Review

Otherwise known as what a shocking waste… I went through my stash and pulled out some products that have been hanging around far too long. As in they were stinking, I haven’t used them in an age and they were all long overdue a date with the bin.Here is my review of The January Clear Out !

I hate to throw out things that aren’t even anywhere close to being finished. I’m hoping this serves as a lesson, if you don’t think you can use it before it goes bad then you don’t need to buy it. Thankfully I haven’t lost too much money here as I will explain but still… what a waste!

The January Clear Out

The bottle of Seche Vite is still half full but it’s too gloopy to actually use any more. I know this is a common problem with Seche Vite but although I love the super quick dry time I hated the tip shrinkage and peeling polish that went along with it. As such I will not fork out for the thinner and won’t be buying it again.


The Collection 2000 brown liquid liner was thankfully a gift with purchase. It was fine I just didn’t use it enough.


The MUA Glitter liners were only £1 each and were good fun. I bought them knowing they wouldn’t be an everyday (or even every week item) but when you add them all together I can’t help thinking that’s £5 I could have spent on 1 item I would have used more…


17 Emerald Coast liquid liner, again gift with purchase. Hardly used.


W7 Velvet Lip Colour, another gift with purchase. The lid never closed properly, I hated the colour and the formula. I don’t know why I didn’t chuck this when I got it!


ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in black. As you can see it has gone the way of it’s more colourful version and dried up to the point of falling out of the pot. I used about half of it up though and at £3.50 I suppose that’s not too bad…


And Finally Benefit Moon Beam liquid highlighter. Don’t get too excited, I only paid £4 for this in a blog sale and it was over half way empty before the formula turned bad. This makes me feel an awful lot better than I would have felt if I had paid full price for it! I loved it but I won’t repurchase because a.) I know I’ll never used up a full one before it dies and b.) There are too many other products out there I want to try.


Well if this doesn’t illustrate why I’m on a no buy I don’t know what will! Are you saintly about finishing products before they up and die on you? Or are you struggling to beat the best before dates like I am x

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