The Hottest Spring Trends, According to Fashion Editors

Spring style is all about looking confident and classy. If you want to remain in the loop, then make sure to dress up in the hottest spring trends – according to fashion editors.

Full Sleeves

Full sleeved pieces are just some of the hottest spring trends, at least according to Allure’s Rachael Wang. These items are so hot that they were seen on the runways of Lanvin, Celine, Dior, and J.W. Anderson. If you want to capture the beauty that spring is known for, then make sure to invest in full sleeved tops and dresses, amongst many other items.

full sleeve top

full sleeve dress


Being fashionably fit is a problem no more, many thanks to one of the hottest spring trends: athleisure. Adored by many – including Elle’s Nikki Ogunnaike – athleisure fashion has been the go-to trend of celebs and fashion mavens alike. And why not? Athleisure allows you to be stylish – without making you feel uncomfortable. If you want to be able to take this to the office, remember to pair your sporty pieces with more ornate or elegant items.

blue athleisure outfit athleisure outfit red athleisure top

Pajama-Inspired Clothes

The hottest spring trends are not just about looking fierce, it’s all about feeling comfortable as well. This is just one of the reasons why Kerry Pieri of Harper’s Bazaar considers pajama dressing as one of the season’s best trends. What’s great about these pieces is that you won’t have a hard time whenever you are up and about. You don’t have to worry about super form-fitting items that restrict your breathing. With pajama-inspired fashion, you can go from bed – to work – and back to bed once again!

pajama dressing blue pajamas white pajamas

Experimental Denim

Denim is perfect all-year round, but if you want to be dressed in the hottest spring trends, then trade your usual skinny jeans for experimental denim. As the name suggests, it focuses on denim – with a few unexpected twists! Praised by Teen Vogue’s Kirby Marzec as one of the hottest spring trends, experimental denim puts some spunk into an otherwise boring outfit.

denim skirt dotted denim off shoulder denim top

Off Shoulder Tops

Shedding some skin used to be frowned upon, until off shoulder tops arrived. As one of the hottest spring trends, it has been deemed as a sexy yet sophisticated way to show your skin. After all, your shoulders are bound to look great no matter what weight you have – or whatever age you are in. If you want a subtle yet sexy way to show your skin, then make sure to dress yourself up in elegant off shoulder tops.

silk off shoulder off shoulder top beige off shoulder

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