The First Rule of Style: Fit

Regardless of your body issues, you can always make your clothes flatter you as long as you get the right fit and proportions. Some women with perfect curves tend to dress themselves in sloppy and oversized clothes just to look hip and trendy. However, that might give them a catchy attention, but not a great style. So, keep on reading to learn more about the first rule of style that is “fit”.

Fit is more important than size.

bodysuit-with-leather-skirt-and-leopard-heels sexy-black-romper-with-architectural-heelsbodysuit-with-sporty-outfit

Fit, fabric, color, pattern, detail, and proportions matters on how you’ll look in a certain piece of dress or top. Though most women stick to the standard size when shopping clothes just to avoid consuming too much time in the dressing room, you have to go for ones that fit you perfectly. Fit refers to buying clothes and shoes that actually fit your size and body shape. Remember, your clothes that fit will look better than if they’re too big or too small as you have more chance of showcasing your body assets.

Make those broken sizes fit you perfectly with the help of a tailor.


vest-with-crop-turtleneck-and-pants tartan-skirt-with-white-top

Simply put, you can’t look stylish unless you wear clothes that fit. If you find an adorable piece of garment on your size, yet don’t fit you perfectly, just bring it to a tailor that will adjust everything for you. This is especially true if you shop your closet and find things that don’t suit you well whether you lose some pounds for the last few months. Wearing them with belts just to make them fit will only look sloppy and unflattering. Also, fitted ensembles like pencil skirts must fit perfectly, but if you find them too loose on the waist yet too fitted on the hips, bring it to a tailor.

Play with your proportions when wearing loose and free-flowing clothes.

hat-with-black-and-white-lace-outfit-and-bandana-scarf structured-bag-with-blazer-and-printed-dress orange-pants-with-ombre-tank-top

You have to dress for your proportions, especially on wearing loose and free-flowing clothes. Like fashion blogger Elsa Ekman, you may go for a lightweight jumpsuit with a flared style, providing it fits you perfectly on the shoulders and on the waist. If you wish to wear a maxi dress in a free-flowing fabric, make sure it fit’s you on your waist to show off your curves like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace did, or else, you’ll look heavier instead of slimming you down. If you’re going for a floaty dress, make sure it has a waist definition to add some feminine vibe instead on swamping your frame.

Think of structured accessories or even belts to add some polish to your outfits.

double-slit-maxi-dress-with-booties printed-blue-dress-with-blue-clutch flared-cut-out-jumpsuit

Before investing on accessories like belts, take note that you’ll wear them to add interest to your looks, not to make your loose outfits fit. Also, structured bags, wide-brimmed hats, stiletto shoes, scarves and such can make your simple outfits more polished and chic. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look your best all the time regardless how expensive or inexpensive your outfits are.

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