The Erina Earth Science Gentle Facial Scrub review

Scrub Wonder : my The Erina Earth Science Gentle Facial Scrub  review

I have used many, many scrubs in the past.. majority end up drying out my skin or irritating it after a while. I have also used the peels types.. they work well but, again, I find it a little too strong!Using a scrub is a must for me; I have larger pores around the nose area that I constantly battle with. I`m also paranoid with white milia spots! So I scrub up about twice a week. I also heard too much scrubbing breaks you out.

Since Xmas I had been looking for a facial scrub. I even bought a Yes, Carrot Facial Scrub in Germany. It wasn`t very good so I left it back at home in UK. LOL.
This was kindly offered to me by my mother-in-law… The Erina Earth Science Gentle Facial Scrub with Jojoba Oil:
 gentle facial scrub
120g..It`s been nearly two months in using this, still got plenty left!
Basically the  Apricot walnut grains are big enough to scrub the dirt off, and not being too abrasive. This concoction has Jojoba oil so it`s non-drying! I sometimes get break-out with scrubs, but I haven`t experienced that with this. My skin feels nice and smooth with this after using it.
Again, I have searched everywhere about this product, there`s not much info about it, but apparently my mother-in-law has been using this for years! The only website I found was it`s original website, which give ingredients list, which contains Cucumber extract, Almond oil, Rose hip oil and even spice (?!).Apricot-Scrub-Review
This scrub actually foams up! It came with thorough instructions on how to foam it up properly; of course I tried and failed. what I do is use it on thorough wet face or use it damp hand. The foaming isn`t as much but it works.
If you didn`t know foam IS huge here! They believe using foam is much more gentle than the average cleanser.
Price is a little steep at 5000円 though.. personally I would NEVER spend that much on it, but that`s just a personal preference.
Interestingly enough, it`s made in the US. Also another thing, is that there is already a company called Earth Science selling something very similar at a very cheap price (or maybe its the same thing…)!!
Rating: A- because of the cost really!