The Body Shop – White Musk collection Review

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I love gifts that I can use everyday, than just it being sitting in the corner doing nothing. I got Body shop’s white musk collection as a gift. And its my absolute favorite companion this winter.Here is my review of The Body Shop – White Musk collection !

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How are they described by The Body Shop?

 White Musk Eau De Toilette

Our iconic White Musk fragrance in a light eau de toilette. This sensual scent unites a mix of notes including musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla.

  • Contains synthetic cruelty-free musk
  • Light eau de toilette

White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel

This indulgent, soap-free shower gel leaves skin softly scented with our iconic White Musk(®) fragrance. It contains notes of musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla.

  • Soap-free
  • Luxuriously creamy lather
  • Contains cruelty-free musk

 White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion

This lightweight body lotion hydrates skin and leaves it feeling softer and smoother. It is softly scented with our iconic White Musk(®) fragrance.

  • Light and easily absorbed
  • Leaves skin softer and smoother
  • White Musk(®) fragrance
  • Contains synthetic, cruelty-free musk


My Thoughts

They description provided by Body about each White Musk product is spot on. Its commendable that each delivers what its claimed to do.


The scent

Each have the same white musk sent, its light. Honestly i am not keen about it, because I am more into light feminine scents. You may like it if you are in musky scents.But when I look past it, the collection is absolute wow.

My experience

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. Winter this year was pathetic. I’d use even the thickest of body moisturizers but they failed. I would end up with the worst burning effect, which signified that my skin lacked moisture.

I love using the combination of the shower gel and the body lotion. I use them on alternate days. They make your skin smooth like silk.  The shower gel cleans well and would leave your skin supple , won’t dry your skin. It lathers well, and you dont need too much of this for your entire body.
This on its own provides moisture to the skin.

I use the body lotion after my bath. Its light and absorbs quick. You won’t feel its presence once absorbed into the skin. I love the fact that it would lock moisture in your skin for 48 hours. I have not for once felt that horrible burning skin since I started using this.

They definately are Lux for the skin.

The White musk Eau De Toilette, was liked in many reviews I read. Its light. One whose presence isn’t empowering. Stays on you for 5-6 hours. I don’t use it much since its not my kind of sent.

Over all I  love the way it treats my skin. I would definitely be looking into other sets of shower gel, body lotion and perfume with different Scents.

you can buy these Individually as well.

You can buy it at a Body shop store in Pakistan or their online stores.



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