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The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

Here is my review of The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash !


Hello Beauties!

Today, I’m doing a review of The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash, i bought this a while back, about three months ago. I personally didn’t hear about this product online (which now that i’ve used it i don’t know why!) I had just ran out of a face wash and i knew that tea tree does wonders for your skin so when i saw this in The Body Shop i thought i’d pick it up! The formula is quite thick since its a gel facial wash, it does lather up quite well though. It say’s this face wash is great for people with blemished and oily skin, which is true, i have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin and this product works excellently! When i put this on, i can feel it working, i massage my face for about 30 seconds then i wash off with warm water. I only use about a tea spoon’s amount, i like to use a reasonable amount. Before i wash my face with this i completely remove my eye makeup and my foundation, even if i don’t remove my face makeup fully this face wash clears my skin!
The only thing that people might not like about this, is the smell. It has a strong scent of tea tree, which if you don’t like might be a problem, however the smell does help you wake up in the morning! This costs £4.50 for 250ml which i think is a very reasonable price! All in all i would recommend this product for anyone with oily/acne prone skin! It has worked great, and i will defiantly repurchase!