The Body Shop Sea Weed Clarifying Toner Review

I like to use a toner every morning to remove excess oil before applying my makeup.Here is my review of The Body Shop Sea Weed Clarifying Toner   !

The problem is that a lot of toners aimed at combination/ oily tend to remove ALL oil, not just excess. This leaves my skin feeling tight and angry and generally causes more problems than it solves. The main culprit is alcohol which thankfully this particular toner does not have

The Body Shop Sea Weed Clarifying Toner

The toner has a light, fresh sea weed scent which is a pleasant change from some of the vodka scented toners I have tried in the past. It is really quite mild to the point where initially I didn’t feel like it was doing much of anything. It is though, it just isn’t stripping my skin in the way that most toners do. It claims to be pore minimising (I don’t believe that anything actually is) and to reduce excess oil (which it does).

You get 200ml for £7 which I feel is quite reasonable. I just absolutely love this toner. It does what it’s supposed to without stripping my skin. And it doesn’t smell of vodka. Fab! X

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