The Body Shop Mango Butter Body Scrub Review

Dear Friends, Here is my new The Body Shop Mango Butter Body Scrub Review.

I’ve always been a tiny bit obsessed with The Body Shop but never experimented with anything like this that didn’t smell like cocoa butter. I guess i used to just walk in with it in my mind, pick it up, pay, and then walk out? However for my birthday my lovely work colleagues gave me a few gifts and one of them was a £30.00 gift card for The Body Shop. Now i had a bit of sense about me not go and blow this amount of money on Cocoa Butter products as that would be insane…

The day after i went shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend and i spent around 40 minutes in the shop trying to decide what to buy as i’d never experimented with anything else in the bath/body section. So i did what any sane person does and let my boyfriend choose ha!

The Body Shop Mango Butter Body Scrub Review

The Body Shop Mango Butter Body Scrub

The Body Shop Mango Butter Body Scrub Usage

Okay i didn’t let him choose fully as he was torn between satsuma and mango, i didn’t really fancy smelling like a satsuma at all so i opted for mango which i am now so pleased with. It’s such a strong sweet smell and it’s honestly a scene to die for. I love it that much i’m so over cocoa butter i’m sticking to mango for a long long time!
The products are lovely and i’m guessing a lot of you are not strangers to body butters so i won’t bore you with the details however, the scrub is totally different to any other scrubs i’ve tried before. It’s really smooth and what i can only describe as ‘fine’ in comparison to the thick roughness of usual scrubs.

You can buy these products from any store or online at both £12.50. The price varies on the ml you buy these are 200ml. The Body Shop constantly has offers on and these usually are included. I’m pretty sure they have a 3 for 2 every Sunday.

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