The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment Review

Here is my review The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment !

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment

I have, yet again, added to my lip balm collection. This Aloe Lip Treatment from The Body Shop is really thick and is not the kind to disappear after a cup of tea but it’s not sticky.

As the name suggests this is more of a treatment for dry lips than an every day balm but it’s a useful addition for me because until this cold weather goes, mine randomly get flaky every few days despite the fact I usually have lip balm on. It’s useful to have something intensive like this for when I want to wear a matte lipstick and I need to get rid of the flakiness as quickly as possible. As well as being pretty darn effective you also have the bonus of knowing that it contains Community Traded Aloe from Guatemala, sesame oil from Nicaragua and beeswax from Zambia. Delish!

You only need a tiny but so this 15ml tube will last forever.

The treatment is £6.00 but at the moment, TBS has anoffer on where you get £5 off if you buy 3 items of skincare across the men’s and women’s ranges. As I was already buying a couple of things for my boyfriend, this effectively cost me £1.00!

I also feel the need to point out that I don’t secretly work for TBS, or have shares in the place. The staff in our local branch are just so lovely and you get samples when you buy something which usually means I ened up back in there again buying something else. They are undoubtedly doing very well out of me at the moment though!

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