The Black Panther Tee

 I’m back with a fashion post (could you guess?) and its once again ‘wild cat’ themed (if you’re confused here is my previous cat themed post). Its clear I have a penchant for all things wild cat, walking into Zara this season is like walking into a dream where wild cats have taken over (a good dream of course).



The-Black-Panther-Tee-c The-Black-Panther-Tee-d The-Black-Panther-Tee-e The-Black-Panther-Tee-f The-Black-Panther-Tee-g








Jacket – Zara  /  Tshirt – Asos  /  Jeans  – American Apparel  /  Necklace, hoops and bag  – H&M  /  Boots  –  eBay  / Ring – Frassy

 This tee, however, was an Asos buy a long while back but it has crept its way back into my staple wears for obvious reasons. The hoops and gold chain harden the outfit (I refrain from saying edgy) whilst the jacket and bag give a smarter vibe. I wore this with boots, though I would equally wear it with my black BDG sneakers because I’m all about the comfort. Please note I would like to apologise for my extremely vacant expressions in these photos, editing this post made me want to punch the screen.
I have a few skincare and makeup related posts up my sleeve so keep an eye out all beauty lovers!


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