The Best Plus Size Swimsuits to Slim you Down

Curvy or voluptuous? You can strut your stuff just like the size 0 ladies with the best plus size swimsuits. Here are some of the selections that will slim you down in no time.

Curvy in a Cutout

The key to looking sexy this summer is to wear a cutout suit, which is one the best plus size swimsuits available in the market. Although it shows skin, it shows them in strategic places so you end up looking sexier (not that you’re not, lovely.) Choose a cutout swimsuit which showcases your sides so you can highlight the narrowest part of your torso – your waist.

cutout suit

cutout swimsuit cutout swimwear

Cute in Color Blocking

Color blocking is not only a great way to slim down at work or at play, it should be considered in your beach activities as well. As such, it would be smart of you to pick this style, as it is one of the best plus size swimsuits to slim you down. Consider having the darker color at the bottom of your torso in order to create the illusion of a slimmer waist. Another thinning option is a swimsuit with color blocking at the sides. Take note of the model below, who definitely looked sexier because of the color break between the different fabrics of the swimsuit.

colorblock suit color block swimsuitcolorblock swimsuit

Gorgeous in Graphic

One of the ways to look slimmer than usual is to fool the eye. Of course, one of the easiest ways to do so is to wear a graphic suit – which is one of the best plus swimsuits to slim you down. The presence of dizzying – if not confusing prints will trick the seer into thinking that you are sexier – not that you aren’t! A visual trim of your weight is easily made possible by this slimming swimsuit. So if you see a colorful, abstract monokini, by all means, go for it!

graphic wear graphic swimsuit graphic suit

Heavenly in High-Waisted

High-waisted swimwear is all the rage nowadays not only because of its retro feel, but also because of its slimming capacities. Yes, you can actually wear a two-piece bikini even if you are curvy, as long as you pick a high-waisted version. With that being said, it is one of the best plus size swimsuits to invest on this sunny season. It will help if you choose one in a dark color – or a graphic print – as any of these styles can further trim your weight at the beach.

high waist high waist swimwear high waist swimsuit

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