The Best of Kristen Stewart’s Stylishly Rebellious Looks

Kristen Stewart or K-Stew, as most of her fans love to call her, has been known lately to be someone who loves to defy the laws of fashion. A lot of her red carpet appearances have made the spotlights focus on her for her unlikely yet so stylish fashion combinations and her street style looks are worthy of envy as well. I know a lot of women out there, myself included,  who wish they had the guts Kristen has to rock these outfits but in reality, only someone who’s really confident can sport the same style. Here are some of the best of Kristen Stewart’s stylishly rebellious looks to get inspired by.

  • PRE-OSCARS SUSHI RUN – can we all just take a moment to appreciate how Kristen has incorporated elements from about 5 different styles into this one perfect outfit for just a sushi run before last year’s Oscars in Los Feliz, CA? This hipster / nerdy / tomboy street style outfit is just what we need for a night out with the boys.

adorable nerdy look

  • PARIS FASHION WEEK 2013 – a sweetheart bandeau bodysuit with embellished lace pants and killer pointy shoes? Yes please! And this is exactly what K-stew wore to last year’s Paris Fashion Week. I just love how she’s able to pull off this uberly sexy, skin – baring tease of an outfit and still make it look classy.

paris fashion week 2013

  • PARIS FASHION WEEK 2014 – and here she is again in Paris Fashion Week a year later. Don’t you just love how her style has made a complete turnaround in just about a year? I’m loving this head to tow white ensemble and those sheer pants are just to die for! Love how she still gave it a girly touch with those white heels, too!

paris fashion week 2014

  • MET GALA 2014 – a little bit of texture play can really spruce up a boring old outfit but this much texture in one look is definitely not something the faint of heart could wear. You can just tell Kristen has stepped up her style game this year and this look is one of the best ones to prove it.

met 2014 textured outfit MET gala 2014

  • CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA PREMIERE (NY) 2014 – here’s a rather recent look from Kristen at the New York Premiere of Clouds of Sils Maria. This black and silver dress has quite the futuristic vibe in it, don’t you think? Simple as it may seem, Kristen sure did a splendid job at packing this look with personality and a lot of attitude.

ny premiere black and silver dress

  • SNEAKY CHANGE – lastly, here are a few of Kristen’s red carpet looks with sneakers. The Twilight star started getting much attention after actually wearing sneakers ON the red carpet but through the years, she has learned her lesson and would show up in heels on the red carpet but would change to sneakers afterwards and she’s become notorious for that.

"Clouds of Sils Maria" Dinner Party - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival tff celebrity sightings 2 070912 Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner Hand And Footprint Ceremony in LA lace dress and sneakers van sneakers and tan dress mtv movie awards

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