The Best of Fall’s Fashion Trends

With the way the temps are dropping lower and lower every day, it seems like it won’t be long ‘til we say goodbye to fall and say hello to winter again but before we do that, why don’t we take a look back on the best of fall’s fashion trends? We think there have been lots of really interesting trends that came to the surface this season and we’re hoping that the really good ones would stay for winter but we have yet to see about that. In the mean time, let’s take a look at the list of fall fashion trends below that we’ve seen on the runways and streets. Tell us which ones are your favorites and which ones are the ones you would wish to stay until winter.

  • OPTICAL ILLUSION PRINT – who doesn’t love staring at a good optical illusion, right? This fall, we’ve seen almost everything from tees to sweaters to skirt and pants in optical illusion print. If you plan on sporting this trend at the very last minute just keep in mind that optical illusion prints are already very bold and eye catching on their own so try to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

gwen stefani optical illusion dress

dress pattern optical illusion red carpet optical illusion dress

  • SHINY, SHIMMERY, SHEEN – metallic madness, glitter galore, sequin overload – you name it and, as long as it’s shiny, shimmery and sparkly, fall has got it! Anything with a little bit of sheen to it was the perfect way to dress up daytime pieces and turn them into evening staples. Need something to take you from desk to dinner in a jiffy? Throw on a full sequined blazer on top of what you wore to work today and you’re done.

glittery green skirts metallic silver shoes sequin skirt outfit

  • CHIC CHECKERS – though considered more of fall staples than anything, checkered print patterns like plaid, tartan and gingham had a really big moment in this year’s fall fashion. Anything and everything checkered was everywhere and on everyone – from models of the runway to your favorite style bloggers online and on the streets.

checkered coat checkered shirt and vest checkered top

  • PRETTY PASTELS – fall is usually dominated by dark, warm and rich colors but this year is a whole other story. Though there was still an abundance of dark hues, pastel colors were more dominant and we think it’s really pretty. If pastels were to become an all year round thing, we wouldn’t be complaining.

pastel colors for fall pastel head to toe pastel pink coat

  • CAPES AND ROBES – I almost want to say I’m sure these gorgeously oversized outerwear are going to make it to winter but we’ll never know until winter actually hits so it’s best to wear them now while they’re still hot and on trend.

cute coat for fall wrap robe oversized robe style fall coat

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