The Best Lip Colors for Fall

Fall is almost upon us so get ready to see darker, sultrier and more vampy shades when you hit up your favorite stores and makeup counters. I personally used to avoid darker shades because I thought it was too much for me until the day I actually tried some on. It turns out, darker doesn’t always mean scarier. Dark lip colors are sexy. They have that ‘femme fatale’ vibe that makes you unleash your inner vixen. Here are some of the best lip colors for fall that you should add to your lipstick stash.

  • BRICK RED – red lips will never go out of style, that’s for sure. For fall this year, choose to wear brick red instead of the usual bright red. A good brick red lip color will have that burnt orange-y hue mixed with red and a hint of rusty brown.

brick red lips ariana grande

brick red lips with slight ombre

  • NUDE BEIGE – nude lips are very low profile but they can be very sexy when worn with a really fierce eye makeup look. There are all sorts and shades of nude lipsticks and one kind that you shouldn’t be without is a ‘your lips but better’ nude lipstick. Another one that you should add to your makeup arsenal is a nude beige. This will give you a very neutral lip look that you can work with anytime you feel like wearing something dramatic and bold for the rest of your face.

nude beige nude beige lips cara delevingne

  • DARK PURPLE – go gothic and add a dark purple lipstick to your stash. Our mantra for purple lipsticks this year is ‘the darker, the better’. Find a purple lipstick that looks almost black in the tube. This is going to be your perfect fall lip color on days when you want to get that sexy, mysterious look.

purple plum purple lipstikc

  • MAUVE – another nude hue that you can add to your lipstick collection this fall is mauve. Mauve lips are great because they possess the simplicity of any other nude lip color but at the same time they look really sultry, too. Plus, mauve is super flattering on any skin tone.

mauve lip color mauve lips jessie j

  • BROWN – forget about layering different colors to achieve the 90s look (or Kylie Jenner’s lip, whichever you prefer to call it). This fall, just go for a straight up brown tube of lipstick. Brown is a lip color that throws us back to the 90s. Of course, the key to pulling off this look is to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.

brown lipstick and natural look brown lipstick

  • OXBLOOD RED – another shade of red to throw into your collection is oxblood red. A this is a great deep, rich color to have if you are pale / fair as it really pops and makes your lips the center of attention.

oxblood red lilly collins oxblood red lips

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