The Best Dress Styles for your Body Type

There are many dresses out there, but some of them won’t really complement your body shape. If you want to look beautiful every time you go out, then make sure to consider these best dress styles for your body type.


Height is might, they say, but petites can have fashion fun too! Like the world’s most trendy petite celebs, the best dress styles for your body type include empire, wrap, sheath, and shirtdresses. Avoid full skirts and heavily embellished dresses as they can make you look even smaller!

eva longoria wrap dress

olsen shirtdress


Ladies with athletic builds might lack the curves at the right places, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t wear girly clothing! If you have this shape, know that there are many good dress styles for your body type. Examples include shift, A-line, and shirtdresses. Avoid shirt and tank dresses, as they don’t create the flattering curves that you want to project.

emma watson a-line dress boyish shift dress


Curvy ladies, ala Beyonce Knowles, have humps and lumps. While they possess an enviable hourglass figure, these ladies will look dowdy in too fitted or too less dresses. If you are a sexy, curvy lady, know that the best dress styles for your body type are semi-fitted dresses, such as a wrap dress.

kim kardashian wrap dress curvy kim kardashian wrap dress


Busty women, such as Salma Hayek and Kate Upton, have bosoms that only a few women could ever dream off. While they are gifted, their figures don’t work well with boat neck dresses, tunics, and styles with wide belts. If you are top-heavy, then make sure to wear semi-fitted dresses with tiny waists and open necklines. Good examples include shift dresses, wraps, and shirtdresses.

kate upton shift dress jlove hewitt wrap dress


Even if you feel like you’ve been cheated upon by the creator because of your lack of a bosom, know that there are several dress styles for your body type. Shift, A-line, and shirtdresses are just some of the designs that fit the bill. Make sure to avoid styles devoid of darts and boning as you will not be able to fill them out.

keira knightley a-line dress keira shift dress


Pregnant is technically not a body type, but as a lady you are bound to undergo this life-changing event anyway. And when the stork drops one on you, remember that the best dress styles for your body type include empire, A-line, and shift dresses. Dresses with matching coats or jackets will work to your advantage as well. Avoid unflattering designs – such as tight, bulky, or stiff dresses – unless you want to look like you are about to give birth anytime soon!

kristin cavallari a-line dress angelina jolie shift dress jessica alba empire dress

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