The Best Denim Jeans for Petite Women

If you have a short stature, you might find it hard to get the best denims for your height. If you are tired of the endless cropping, folding, and cutting of jeans even – then be guided by these top-rated denim jeans for petite women.

Get your Own Boyfriend

Loose boyfriend jeans might be too baggy for your taste, but did you know that it is one of the best denim jeans for petite women? The secret to acing the look is wearing it with the right kind of top. Since boyfriend jeans are baggy, it is best if you wore it with tight or skimpy tops. The balance between the two pieces can help you create a look that’s worthy of Fashion Week street style.

vanessa hudgens boyfriend jeans

kylie minogue boyfriend jeans

Go Higher

High-waisted jeans – or what others call as mom jeans – are making a comeback this season. Because it accentuates your midsection, high-waisted variants prove to be some of the best denim jeans for petite women. As an added bonus, you can wear crop tops with these jeans as it will not show too much of your tummy.

jessica alba high-waisted jeans high waisted jeans

Boot(cuts) are Made for Walking

Since boots are perfect for autumn, it goes to show that one of the best denim jeans for petite women is the bootcut. Not only can you wear it with your favorite pair of boots, you can wear it with other footwear as well (sneakers and sandals included.)

hayden bootcut jeans victoria beckham bootcut denims

Wear the Flare

70’s fashion is one of the hallmarks of the autumn runways. Consequently, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try the retro trend as well. You don’t have to worry about drowning in flared pants, as it is one of the best denim jeans for petite women. Put on a peasant top or an off-shoulder one for a look that transcends the eras.

jessica alba flared jeans petite flared jeans

Cropped, Hemmed, and Delivered – She’s Yours!

It’s a takeaway from a Tom Jones song, but you do get the drift. In essence, the best denim jeans for petite women are those that have been cropped and hemmed. You don’t have to visit your favorite tailor to get the length that you have been rooting for. With these jeans, you can easily hit the town without worrying about your over-all look.

cropped denim cropped jeans

Be Cool in Culottes

While culottes are not necessarily jeans, they are good alternatives for long denim jeans for petite women. It has the good volume that you are looking for – with a peek-a-boo style that makes it appropriate for the other seasons as well. When wearing denim culottes, always remember balance! Even out the look by matching these loose pants with form-fitting tops.

petite denim culottes denim culottes

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