The Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to shopping, it’s not enough that you buy something simply because you like it. If you want to look stunning in these clothes, you need to make sure that its hues match your skin tones. Look great with minimal effort by choosing these best colors that suit your skin tone.

Light-Skinned Ladies

Women with light hair, eyes and skin are known to have a ‘cool’ skin tone. If you belong to this category, you are very lucky because you tend to look great in everything. Pastels and jewel tones are some of the shades that you can rock with ease.

pastels for light-skinned ladies

pastel dress for light-skinned ladiesjewel tone for light-skinned ladiesjewel tone dress

Olive-Skinned Ladies

Owned by celebs such as Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba, an olive skin tone is characterized as semi-ashen/gray. True to its’ name, this color is a mix of yellow undertones and green hues. If you have this skin tone, you will surely look great in pastels. Think mint green, butter yellow and light pink.

pastel pink dress
pastel outfit for warm-skinned ladies

Apart from pastels, medium-skinned females will brighten up anyone’s day in neon outfits.

neon green and pink outfit

Metallics such as silver and gold are other shades that will make olive-skinned ladies shine out.

gold jacket

Dark-Skinned Ladies

Dark-skinned ladies have their fare of share of complementing colors as well. Because of their pigmented skins, they tend to pop out in rich shades, such as purple.

purple dress

Bold colors, such as cobalt and tangerine, are just some of the vibrant shades that look stunning in dark-skinned women.

tangerine dress cobalt blue dress

…As for Undertones

Undertone, or the color beneath your skin’s surface, is another thing you should consider when shopping for clothes. Generally, undertones are divided into three categories:

  • Cool – Bluish, pinkish or reddish
  • Warm – Golden, peachy or yellowish
  • Neutral – A fusion of cool and warm undertones

As a general rule, cool-toned ladies should settle for browns, oranges, yellows, yellow-greens, and warm reds.

earthy colors outfit

Warm-toned women, on the other hand, should go for magentas, blue-greens, blues, greens, purples, and pinks.
warm skin tone outfit

While your skin tone should guide you in choosing your wardrobe’s colors, do note that it involves trial and error. Work through these recommended shades carefully and you’re sure to find hues that love you the same way you love them.

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