The Basics and Benefits of a Go-To Work Uniform

Going for the same office look every day may be easy, but it can also tend to look boring. Having go-to work uniform will keep your style more expressive, professional, at the same time effortless. Keep on reading to scoop some of our tricks that might inspire you to have your own go-to uniform that will make your office style a bit fashion-forward yet professional.

  1. You’ll look more attractive in your go-to work uniform.

burgundy sweater and leather trousers with camel coat

leopard print blazer with sleek pants full skirt with camel blazer

If you work in a in a creative field, opt for a basic wardrobe that nails that elusive balance of looking polished yet informal. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may opt for burgundy sweater teamed with leather pants and camel coat which is appropriate for fall. Just make sure your go-to work uniform is also a good fit for your body physically as well as professionally. If you used to wear a suit, opt for a more creative style like fashion blogger Lara Caspari did, going for leopard print blazer teamed with office pants. Also, by mixing up colors, accents, and accessories, you can stick to one basic uniform that won’t look redundant and boring.

  1. You’ll be more comfortable and stylish while keeping everything office-appropriate.

overalls with chic blouse plain dress with coat and sneakers

Comfort was also a key to getting a work uniform as you have to feel comfortable in the clothes, and feel at ease in almost any situation because your outfit is so versatile. If you’re working in a tech or other casual environment, it’s better to look a little dressier than underdressed, without being out of place. If you’re working in a casual workplace that allows sneakers and jeans, think of dressing up a bit with a plain dress and coat teamed with sneakers like fashion blogger Jacey Duprie did. Unless everyone is wearing corporate suits, you know you’ll always fit in. Remember, your outfit must evoke a sense of authority minus the stuffiness of a suit, and your co-workers will respect your more. Also, don’t underestimate the power of physical comfort as it’s hard to focus on work if your stilettos are strangling your toes.

  1. Transitioning your looks from office to party will be easier.

black top with trumpet checkered dress with patent pumps

If you have a go-to uniform it can be a relief as you don’t have to worry whether you’re dressed appropriately, and it can also be helpful for you to transition from the office to a dinner date or cocktail event without having to pack a change of clothes. If you’re heading to the party after work, simply opt for a printed dress that can be appropriate in the workplace and party at the same time.

  1. Your money will be saved by focusing on key pieces instead of buying a new wardrobe every season.

black dress with camel coat and boots office outfit with chic coat sweater with nude pants

Timeless pieces like wool coats, fur coats, leather jacket, long vests, pencil skirts, button-down shirts are timeless at the same time office-appropriate that will give you more savings as you don’t have to own multiples of them just to look stylish. Just stick to the neutral colors, basic styles, and streamlined silhouettes that will keep your chic and professional.

  1. It will make your morning dressing much easier.

striped tee with camel coat and cropped pants camel cape with office outfit

With fewer sartorial decisions to make, you’ll be able to subtract minutes and stress from your morning schedule. By having a go-to work uniform, you can use those extra minutes once spent sifting through the closet for more enjoyable pursuits like sleeping in or preparing for your business meetings.

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