The Art of Layering Sheer Clothes for Summer

Because of the heat, summer trends are shifting towards sheer clothes. While they can be chic and oh-so-soothing, some sheer clothes can expose too much of your body. So if you want to wear these delicate attires – without making too much of a commotion – then mind these tips on layering sheer clothes for summer.

Sheer Lace Dress

A sheer lace dress is the perfect cover-up for a beach party. However, these sheer clothes can be worn outside the beach as well. A same-colored bra and panty are perfect choices for sheer clothes, but they can be too racy. If you want to look sophisticated in sheer, consider a balconette or bandeau. Make sure to pair these up with boyleg shorts or a mini skirt.

sheer lace dress

lace dressblack sheer lace dress

Translucent Dress

A translucent dress is more than ethereal, that’s why it is favored by most stylistas. So if you decide to wear these sheer clothes, it is best if you don’t go too bare. You would want to look demure, and you can achieve that by wearing a slip dress or a maxi dress underneath. Since all are made of light fabrics, you don’t have to worry about sweating with such an ensemble.

translucent dresspink translucent dress white translucent dress

Sheer Maxi Dress

A sheer maxi dress is usually used as a swimsuit cover-up. However, you can convert these sheer clothes to after-dinner frocks as well. The key to upgrading your look is by wearing another dress underneath (the same trick needed to pull off a translucent dress.) A slip dress and a bodycon mini dress are just some of the perfect layering options for a sheer maxi dress. But if you want a casual look (and your maxi dress opens up front or has a long slit,) you can go wear a crop top and frayed shorts underneath.

sheer yellow maxi dress printed maxi dress floral maxi dress

Sheer Black Skirt

Black skirts are very fashionable, but they can be very boring. If you want to glamorize your look, then you need to consider sheer clothes, such as a gossamer black skirt. Prevent your undies from making a peek-a-boo by wearing a black mini skirt or mini shorts underneath.

sheer black skirt sheer black pencil skirt

White Culottes

White culottes, for the most part, are borderline sheer clothes. Some are made with fine white fabric, while some are made with semi-sheer textiles. If you have the former, the perfect solution is a nude second-skin shorts. Should you fall under the second category, make sure to wear your white culottes with a white boyleg or mini shorts.

white sheer culottes sheer culottes

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