The Art of High Low Dressing

Gone are the days, where being well dressed meant sporting the most expensive brands from head–to-toe. A high-low dressing is the art of creating a complete ensemble with a mix of high-street brands as well as luxury brands. Increasingly, we are seeing fashion bloggers and street style stars embracing designer brands into their less expensive pieces to create a stylish everyday look, and more surprisingly, their occasion wardrobes as well. Looking for inspiration on how to create an affordable look with luxury fashion? Keep on reading to learn the art of high-low dressing.

Mix your designer pieces with less expensive ones.

eyelet blouse with white jeans and jacket

wrap blouse with jeans printed pants with avant garde top joggers with white top and ankle strap sandals

Instead of splurging on a designer dress that you can wear with coats and blazers, think of more versatile tops and bottoms that you can restyle with whatever look you wish to have. Investing in designer pieces in the neutral shades will make them more wearable over those printed ones. Think of going for designer tops that you can wear with your favorite jeans, joggers, pencil skirts, or even floral pants. This way, you’ll create a designer look effortlessly.

Dress elegantly by going monochromatic.

leather jacket with black jumpsuit racerback tank top with blazer and edgy shoes printed pants with blazer and canvas sneakers

By going monochromatic, you’ll not only make your outfit look elegant but also making your designer piece look more expensive. No one could tell whether you’re wearing designer pieces head-to-toe or mixing them with less expensive pieces, but most likely they’ll think you’re a fan of luxurious dressing. Just contrast your hues by going one shade lighter or darker to keep your looks interesting enough. You may also incorporate muted prints on your monochromatic outfits to add some interest without going too loud on your looks.

Be creative with your layers.

belt with coat and trendy outfit striped tee and jeas with coat shirtdress with cropped cardigan mesh skirt with dress vest and turtleneck

In the colder season, layering is one of the stylish means of looking chic while keeping you warm. But more than that, you can make your designer and less expensive pieces elegant by wearing them in creative layers. In the summer, you may stick to lightweight and airy fabrics like rayon, chiffon, mesh, cotton and such to keep you cool and chic while beating the heat with style. Think of wearing your V-neck sheath dress with a mesh turtleneck top or skirt to add some flair to your summer look, or take advantage of your shirtdresses as a functional alternative to your summer dresses.

Finish your overall looks with designer accessories.

studded sandals with office outfit sporty chic outfit with lv bag gold belt with button down shirt and skirt cuffs with sweater and maxi skirt

Accessories can make or break your look, so be careful on choosing them. Whether you wish to carry a designer bag or wear a pair of designer shoes, those pieces can instantly elevate your look, making your style look smarter and polished. You may also think of fine jewelry, haute couture earrings, gold belt, chain belt, designer watch, or silver cuffs that will look perfect with your designer meets less expensive pieces. With these high-low dressing tricks, you’ll be able to create fashion-forward looks without draining your wallet.

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