Ten Summer Looks You’ll Love

A List of Summer Outfits for 2013

The fun thing about dressing up for the warm, sunny seasons is not worrying about how many layers of clothes you have to put on. Sometimes you dress up close to nothing, but it’s always a must to look fabulously chic and gorgeous. That’s what we had in mind for summer outfit ideas and we’re sure you can pull it off.

1. Jargon Fashion. Who doesn’t like statement shirts? If you can’t get your voice out there, you might just want to have a word or shoutout printed all over your top.



2. Crop and Maxi Combo. Perfect for the breezy summer, boho is back and it’s free spirit aura is as relaxing as it has always been.



3.Denim Factor. You can’t just put the fabric on jeans. Blouses in denim are trending and you wouldn’t want to miss pairing them with sexy pants.

summeroutfitideas-denimfactor summeroutfitideas-denimvest

4. High-low Vibe. Word is, girls love to feel the air sweeping past their hair, making what they have on play along almost as if it’s getting blown away. If you want chic and hip looks, have fun with high-low styles for tops or dresses.

summeroutfitideas-highlowdresssummeroutfitideas-highlowdress2 (2)

5.Check Up. You don’t need a doctor, but a stylist would tell you how checker prints can get you somewhere. Best paired with a plain top, checker pants look best when well-fitted and worn with confidence. Pick vibrant colors for more summer appeal.



6. Bikini Pleasures. Hotter is what every summer loving goddess should always want to look. This season’s bikini tops are so dang irresistible.



7.Hippie Fighters. This look may be laid back and street enough to paint the town red yet anyone can work it just by putting on an interesting top or dress that has a little boho print sheer, or ruffles on and it’s good to go. And don’t forget the cool flats as well.


summeroutfitideas-hippievibe summeroutfitideas-hippievibe2

8. Geometric Plus. A colorful board of shapes or display of linear patterns is very eye catching especially when you have it on your outfit. Match it with denim, leather, or whatever plain thing you can find.



9. Shimmer Glimmer. Anything that sparks and shines could just be the best thing that ever happened to any outfit. Keep it to a minimum of one shiny piece.



10. Floral Hippie. Mixing and matching is what makes dressing up even more exciting. sometimes we contrast pieces and to our surprise, they actually look more “in” than the safe and usual combinations. Try wearing a floral print frock with boots and you’ll go a long way.