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Tassi Hair Holder + Haul: Beauty Blender Duo Pack Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Here’s another interesting post of what I’ve recently got from one of my favorite online store La Petite Confiserie.

You probably know that I am so in love with my Beauty Blender for giving me that air brushed flawless look. So I bought another set (just in case they run out of stock due to high demands), since it is currently available in duo pack~best value for PHP 1,750 pesos only. I took advantage of the great savings. It comes with 2 beauty blender that will probably cost you more if you will only buy one piece for PHP 1,175.

1 Tassi Hair Holder Haul Beauty Blender Duo Pack

I am so happy to receive my duo set of beauty blender with another great product. Ms. Caren sent me a Tassi Cotton Hair Holder to Review. HUGE THANK YOU La Petite for trusting me! I have been looking for a great product like this for years. I have a very long and thick hair, and yes it is “rebonded” so as much as possible I don’t want to ruin or mess up my thousand pesoses treated hair. LOL! I always put my long hair up in a towel or shower cap, which takes me a little longer to do it. I have to bend over just to wear those plastic caps on. Hassle indeed. Hair clips, elastic pony tail holders create crimps, and headbands give me flat hair on top.

2 tassi hair holder

I was so surprised when I first used this Tassi. Because Initially, I thought the elastic is quite loose and stretchy. I never thought that I would love and use them as much as I do now. It holds like Magic! It is so comfortable, fast and easy to use while it covers every layer of my hair without leaving any wispy strands exposed. I just can’t get enough of how quick and easy to put my very long hair up while I wash my face, put on my make-up, I even use it to keep my hair dry while having my evening shower (as I don’t want to sleep with a wet hair). OMG, it’s a genius!“Just slip a Tassi over your head, roll it up over your hairline, and slip any long hair into the gently elasticized ring. It’s as fast as any other method, but way more effective if you wish to preserve your hair style.” It is available in different fun colors and design for introductory price of PHP 450 only! Isn’t it great and affordable!?! I want to get those pinks and fab animal prints. YAY!

Just to give you further details about the Tassi Hair Holder “Genius”


3 tassi hair holder how to

What Tassi Is
A soft, stretchy terrycloth hair holder with a patented pouch design
 that gently, comfortably and completely lifts and holds hair up and out of the way
during face washing and moisturizing, applying and removing makeup,
 bathing and showering, during spa, facial and massage treatments,
while sleeping, exercising and other hair-raising activities.
 Tassi …“keep your hair outta there.”
Tassi is NOT
 A tight-fitting headband, hair-pinching clip, brutalizing bobby pin,
towering towel turban or tress-wrestling wrap that presses, 
messes, flattens, creases, twists and dents hair, 
requiring hair repair after use.

4 hair holder by Tassi

Why Tassi Is Better
? Fast and easy to use. 
Covers every layer of hair and leaves no wispy strands exposed
. Fits any hairstyle and length
. For all ages, One size fits all. Fun colors. 
Machine washable and dryable—wear again and again
. Carried in spas, salons and beauty boutiques~ Named “Best New Beauty Accessory” – 2008 Extracts show, New York

Again, Thank you Ms. Caren of La Petite Confiserie Philippines for introducing us to amazing products that indeed makes life easier. Hurry hunnies, grab your own Tassi now for PHP 450 only!

Enjoy Shopping Ladies!