Tange teezer The Original hair brush review

Hi guys! I’m sure you have heard about this little hair tool of joy that I’m about to share my thoughts with you on – the Tangle Teezer hair brush ! Tangle Teezer  the original
I have always struggled with tangly hair after the shower or swimming. Anytime my hair is submersed in water, I dread when the time comes to comb it out! It is always painful and time-consuming – very unpleasant. This little pink hairbrush that fits right in the palm of my hand has definitely helped me battle the tangles! Tangle Teezer  the original  review
This little guy helps to detangle the hair with the least amount of pain and tugging as possible. I love how the bristles of the hairbrush give a scalp massage while your combing, it feels so nice on the head! I also really appreciate how it is designed for the palm of your hand, I definitely think this contributes to making it less painful as you tend not to pull as hard. I’m not going to go all the way and say it is a completely painless process with little effort – I don’t jump up and down when I know I have to detangle my hair – but it has made it more bearable for sure.Tangle Teezer  the original hair brush review
Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? How do you like to detangle your hair?

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