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SwissDent Whitening Toothpaste Review And Results

Hi guys here is my SwissDent Whitening Toothpaste Review and Result!

 Designed to combat heavy staining caused by tobacco, tea, coffee or red wine, SWISSDENT Extreme Toothpaste uses patented technology to penetrate into even the smallest cracks to ensure perfectly white teeth.
Neutralising acid, revitalising the gums and providing effective whitening, SWISSDENT Extreme Toothpaste fights back against stains caused by daily aggressors for perfect pearly whites. Nanoxyd technology (calcium peroxide in nano size) ensures the perfect bleaching result while papain and bromelain enzymes gently remove plaque, allowing the Nanoxyd to work most effectively
1 SwissDent Whitening Toothpaste
2 SWISSDENT Extreme Toothpaste
Some of you may have seen me talk about this briefly on my blog a few weeks ago you can view the post Here. Your everyday Colgate toothpaste costs around £2 at the most. Even the so called whitening toothpastes don’t cost more than £5. So when I received a newsletter in my inbox from Beautybay as spotted this toothpaste at £15! I was pretty baffled and intrigued at the same time. I wanted to know why this toothpaste was at such a high price, I searched everywhere for reviews on this toothpaste but I couldn’t find any! So out of sheer curiosity I purchased it in hope that It would live up to its price tag!
I purchased the ‘Swissdent Extreme Toothpaste’ which is for heavy stains on the teeth, I don’t have heavy stains at all but I thought that this would be the strongest out of all of them and I do drink red wine and coffee so I decided to go with it.

Swiss dent also do a toothbrush to accompany this toothpaste so I brought that too as it was recommended, It isn’t necessary but I do think that the toothbrush has helped even more. Swiss dent recommends brushing for 2 minutes THREE times a day, I tried my best to do it for 3 times a day but on some days I just managed 2 as I just don’t have the time to brush my teeth in the middle of the day. It also recommends not to rinse the toothpaste before going to bed, this was actually pretty hard to do, It just felt horrible to leave the paste in my mouth but I did get used to it in the end.

The toothpaste resembles wallpaper paste and I thought that it wasn’t going to foam at all but it does manage to foam nicely but not like your usual toothpaste foam. It has a very nice minty taste too it without being over powering. Whilst using this toothpaste I didn’t use any other toothpaste to make sure that the results that i get was from this toothpaste but I did use Listerine mouthwash whilst using this too. This toothpaste definitely made my teeth feel cleaner and smoother and I have noticed that my teeth are whiter but you can see for yourself in the before and after photos!

3 Swissdent before use 4 Swissdent after use
Apologies if your pretty grossed out now. I wouldn’t say my teeth were that bad to begin with so there isn’t a noticeable shade change as such. I had some staining in between the teeth which is my biggest concern but this toothpaste has reduced some of the staining in between but not all of it. Which means I am going to have to fork out for another one of these tubes to see if it will help in reducing the staining completely. So the answer to my starting question is yes this toothpaste isn’t just another whitening toothpaste, it really does make a difference and you just have to stick with it, and not get frustrated when you don’t see results instantly which I know is hard.
You can but this toothpaste for £11.95 instead of £15 on Beautybay
And the toothbrush for £5.06 on HQHair