Sweet Ways to Wear a Lace Dress

Looking for a dress that totally screams girly and romantic? Then get your hands on a lace dress now! Lace has been one of the hottest trends for the past few seasons and it still is hot today and if you’re a girly girl, I’m sure you’re glad this trend isn’t over (or anywhere near over) yet. A lace dress is something that makes you want to be on your best lady-like behavior the moment you put it on. It’s something that evokes femininity and elegance. Despite that, though, there are still a few other looks that you can create while wearing a lace dress and these will depend on other pieces and accessories that you wear with it. Check out these tips on ways to wear a lace dress and see other ideas on outfits that you can create with such a gorgeous number.

  • Monochromatic – monochromatic outfits are super fierce and stylish but aside from that, they’re really beneficial too. A monochromatic outfit makes you look a few inches taller than you really are because, with it, you get to create a continuous and unbroken line from top to bottom and that is what creates the illusion of a taller silhouette. Choose to the same color for your lace dress and your accessories (and outerwear, too, if you decide to do some layering). If you want to look slimmer, opt for darker colors. This will give you a more slender silhouette.

black lace dress and black accessories

monochromatic pink outfit

  • Minimalistic – another great way to wear your lace dress is to create a minimalistic look. Minimalistic looks comprise of basic pieces and neutral colors. This look is very chic and elegant and is perfect for creating understated looks that are never boring and dull. To get the look, choose a lace dress with a clean and simple silhouette in a neutral color like white and add neutral accessories to the mix. The accessories don’t have to match the color of your dress. You can make the look less monochromatic by mixing and matching different neutral colors together.

all neutral minimalistic white and beige minimalistic

  • Summer casual – looking for an outfit idea that you can rock this summer? Why not try wearing your lace dress with a cute denim jacket or denim vest on top to create a casual look that’s perfect for just spending the day out with your friends? Wear this look with a pair of cute wedges or just simple summer flip flops if you want to go full on with the casual vibe or, if you want a more polished look, you can wear it with heels instead.

sweet summer casual style denim vest lace dress

  • Black and white – white is one of the more popular color of choice when it comes to lace dresses just because it looks much more romantic and girly and if that’s what you have but you don’t want your look to be too sweet or too girly, you can add other black pieces to it to give it a more edgy look. You can also get your hands on a black lace dress with white overlay or any other lace dress that has both black and white in it to get this look.

black and white lace dress black and white outfit

  • Cool and edgy – the last outfit idea is something that’s perfect on days when you’re torn between looking girly and looking edgy and cool. To get the perfectly balanced outfit, try wearing your lace dress with other leather pieces like a leather moto jacket or leather boots.

teal lace dress and leather jacket pink lace and black leather

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