Swatches & of Sleek I-Divine Original palette Review

Hey, Take a look at my new Sleek I-Divine Original palette Review.

For those of you who are not familiar with this brand SLEEK MAKEUP is a UK based and a very affordable company you can get there products from super drug and boots if u live in UK and you can buy these online from sleek makeup own website and sleek does ship internationally which allot of people don’t know anyhow this review is for the I-Divine original palette and i got mine from sleek makeup.Swatches-amp-of-Sleek-I-Divine-Original-palette-Review



Swatches & of Sleek I-Divine Original palette Flash


Swatches & of Sleek I-Divine Original palette Darkness

The original palette is from there permanent line it comes in a very nice sturdy plastic palettes and it also includes a huge mirror inside which allot of palettes don’t have. It has got 12 eyeshadow all of them are shimmery only 1 matte black The quality of these eye shadows is amazing i mean really high quality you can compare these babies with MAC eye shadows they are extremely pigmented the color pay off is crazy and very easy to work with they just blends like a dream, these eye shadows are super shimmery but not gritty or chalky at all it almost gives a wet look to the eye which i love and it has got greens,purple,pinks,blues,gold and a black, the staying power is also pretty good and doesn’t crease at all and you know what is the BEST part about this palette its such a great quality but at such an affordable price, it retails for only $11.75 at sleek’s website

Swatches & of Sleek I-Divine Original palette Skin

Swatches & of Sleek I-Divine Original palette Style

OVERALL i just love this palette and i highly recommend this to everyone!!!!

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