Susanna Lau: Inspired Bohemian Style for Summer

Looking for a colorful, conservative and edgy twist to your summer style? Be inspired how the bohemian fashion blogger, Susanna Lau, masterfully blended the classic with the modern in her bohemian style.
Susanna Lau from “Style Bubble” is requested to be the editor for the fashion publication Dazed and Confused, however, she is one of the few bloggers that have developed their blogging into a successful career. In 2006, she began her blog Style Bubble that interprets bohemian style and creative layering. Her fascination in fashion, as well as history and digital marketing gifted her advantage over countless other bloggers who just wanted to display the looks they loved.

purple top boho susanna lau

yellow prints boho susanna lau
The modern bohemian style is a mix of cultural, gypsy, and rock style characteristics – more than casual and conveys indifference. “Boho” is short for bohemian. Boho are identical to hippie looks ‑ long flowing skirts, ethnic details like tunics or wooden jewelry, decoration with beading, fringed bags, or ornamented flat sandals. The style is often layered and colorful. The design and style pleasure us particularly in the happy-go-lucky summer months and brings color and lively expressions year rounds. Bohemian hairdos are as artistic and carefree as the clothes.

pattern jacket boho susanna lau pastel coat boho susanna lau
The 19th-century bohemian pattern had quite a bit typical with today’s bohemian scene. Within the bohemian lifestyle of old, convictions and the skill of survival emerged especially in artists’ groups. Being bohemian was neither an option nor a trend; it was to show creativity as well as the love of beauty and life in general. Today the pattern is still an enchanting and colorful mix of ethnic influences and the enthusiastic embrace of lifestyle, craft, and music all the way to the wildest rock. The straightforward casual style has not sacrificed its genuine appeal and has many supporters not only among celebrities and bloggers. Of course, a blogger like Susanna Lau set the tone.

gray pattern outfit boho susanna lau flower print pants boho susanna laupainted dress boho susanna lau metallic silver top boho susanna lau
High heels don’t match the bohemian fashion. Feel free to complement colorful fashion outfits with flat sneakers or even boots. Distinction and irreverent disregard are the lifeblood of bohemian fashion.
The slightly wavy hair is held in an uncomplicated natural style. The unpretentious hairdo has the true bohemian look. The uncomplicated hairdo of Susanna Lau clashes neatly with the innovative bohemian style colors and cloth patterns. Susanna shows her knack for color and style with her selection of fabrics and texture. And her charming, colorful and informal outfit perfectly complements her natural hairdo.
neon green skirt boho susanna lau oragng jacket boho susanna lau

Creative layering is the edge of the bohemian style. Everyone should be creative and add layers with her favorite stuff of clothes from every year’s collections. By doing this, you are likely to be stylish and you’ll also have some of your own vintage clothing.

orange coat boho susanna lau orange wedges boho susanna laugreen outfit boho susanna lau creative neclace boho susanna lau checkered white skirt boho susanna lau
Orange appears to be to be the color that identifies the 70s fashion style. Denim fit into the criteria, as long as you keep in mind that skinny is a style of the past. Go for something suede like shoes or boots, skirts, and pants. Belts are the best adornment for bohemian style and floral prints add femininity to the look.
Whatever styles suit your mood, creativity is the key. Be bold and brave to flaunt your bohemian fashion this summer and be one of a kind.

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