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Superdrug Mini Haul

Superdrug Mini Haul :

So today i took my little sister up town to buy her first ever kit of make up and it to be brutally honest, it upset me. My little sister who i still see as the cheeky 4 year old is now a teenager and is growing up so quickly!

But of course i couldn’t take her up there and not buy myself anything, especially on payday!

First i hit up Superdrug where i picked up your essential nail varnish remover and make up wipes along with three treats. To make me feel less bad i did need the foundation…

I then jumped right over to Bodycare and picked up Technic High Lights, now i’m not one for highlighter in this form so i’ll definitely be reviewing it.

NYC Cheek Glow (651 Riverside Rose) – £2.99 Superdrug
NYC Cover Stick (782 Medium) – £1.79 Superdrug
Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation (Shade Fair 3) – £4.99 Superdrug (and many other drugstores)
Technic High Lights – £1.90 Bodycare
I do believe the foundation was on offer but don’t count on me because i have never used it! As i am also loving the NYC brand so much recently i thought i’d try their concealer and blush which is more of a bronze colour than a rose…
I then popped into Zara which turned out to be a big mistake (hidden miracle) because all i could see was big red signs saying £9.99!!!!! I originally wanted some jeans but i’m not too fond of this whole baggy look and as i live in leggings it would have been a wasted attempt of a new look. However there in the corner was this jumper and i instantly fell in love…
Now i’m recently loving the whole baggy jumper thing because i love the feeling of being in over-sized clothes and this one felt so snug. But honestly can you believe that’s a medium…
I picked this beauty up for £9.99.
So on my way out i had to walk through Primark to get to the car park and i spotted these boots that just so happened to go with my new jumper and ever since i broke my River Island boots i’ve been wanting a new pair. I think they’re great but i noticed the Primark has become so much more expensive than it used to be and it even has sales! I picked these up for £10.00 and they come with red laces to customize.. however them being Primark let’s see how long they last.
primar-boots primar-boots
All in all a successful shopping trip i think but i am now skint.