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Super Glamor Brown Lens Review

Dear Friends, Read my new Super Glamor Brown Lens Review.

Super Glamor Brown Lens Shape

Super Glamor Brown Lens Unique

Lens Info:

Usage Modality: Yearly
BC: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water content: 42%
Brand: Vassen Lens
Price: $24.00

Without Lens

Super Glamor Brown Lens Blue Eyes

With Lens

Super Glamor Brown Lens

Super Glamor Brown Lens Difference

In Lamp Light

Super Glamor Brown Lamp Light Lens

In sunlight

Super Glamor Brown Lens Eyes Shine


Super Glamor Brown Lens Eyebrows

In front of the window

Super Glamor Brown Lens Eyelids


Super Glamor Brown Lens Blue Eyes

Compared with Hyper circle brown.

Super Glamor Brown Lens Shape Change

From different angles

Super Glamor Brown Lens Shades

Comfort Level: ★★★☆☆
These lenses feel a bit thicker then my other lenses so i can feel them in my eyes initially but after few minutes it settles down. I can wear them for 4-5 hours without any problem.

I am in love with its design. Its unique because of the dashed limbal ring thing and some black dots in the center but they look natural at the same time in my opinion.

Color change: ★★★☆☆
The color change is subtle but noticeable. They are not overly bright but they give you nice light brown eyes without looking obvious and fake.

They have a diameter 14.5 and they give a very nice enlarging effect without looking too freaky. You can clearly see the difference in with/without lens picture.

Overall Opinion:★★★★★
I adore these lenses. They look SO pretty and natural and they photograph beautifully! What else you need? I think they are perfect and now i am really tempted to buy the blue and green from this series also 😉

About the website:★★★★☆
These lenses were sent to me by They carry a great variety of circle lens on there website and the owner Patty is a very sweet person.

What do you think? Like these or not? Don’t forget to leave your comments below! =)