Super Easy French Nails Tutorial

Hellllllo everyone! Happy Saturday! In exactly 2 weeks from now, I will be living in Tallahassee! Yay! Sorry I talk about it so much, but I’m a little excited.

So every once in a while, instead of painting my nails a solid color I like to paint my own french manicures/pedicures! And alot of my friends and family will say things such as, “aw you got your nails done!”  or “your nails look so good!” and when I tell them that I did it myself, they think it’s awesome! BUT, to be honest, I’m really not that great at painting my own nails. So this is the really easy way I use to paint my own french nails, and I”m not sure if alot of people have heard of this method or not but it’s really simple so I’m sure they have. Here we go!  What You’ll Need:1.Nail Polish Remover-100% Acetone (IT MUST BE 100% ACETONE, or it won’t work! Also, you have to be 18 or older to buy it!)2. Nail file, nail clippers, cuticle oil, ect. (To make your nails look good before applying polish!)3. Clean Eyeshadow Brush4. Base Coat(Not pictured, oops)5. White Nail Polish, or French Tip Polish6. Optional: Light pink and opaque nail polish7. Top Coat!1 French Nails Tutorial

2 acetone

Step 1:
Pour the acetone into the cap of the acetone bottle for easier access.

3 french tipStep 2: Apply your french tip white nail polish to the tip of all of your finger nails, it doesn’t matter how messy it looks. But, try to not get it on your skin if you can.4 eyeshadow brushStep 3: Take your eyeshadow brush and dip it into your acetone. Blot on towel if it’s dripping.5 french tip how toStep 4: Slowly and carefully remove the excess white nail polish from  your nail, and work it into a curved shape. Keep doing this until you get to the shape/width you desire for your tip.6 curved shapeNow this is an idea of what your nail should look like so far!7 Wet n' Wild CrystalicAfter you’ve waited a few minutes for the white to dry, take your pinkish/opaque nail polish and apply it to your nails. I used Wet n’ Wild “Crystalic” 8 how to do french tipThis is what your nail should look like! Next, apply your top coat and your done! 🙂9 french nail last stepHere is the final look! If you need to, take your eyeshadow brush and clean up the edges of your nails to get rid of any excess polish. 🙂french tip finale

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