Super Bowl Inspired Nail Art

The Super Bowl is this weekend already and if you haven’t already planned your outfit, why don’t you drop by over here for some outfit ideas? And if you already have your outfit planned for the big game day, how about taking it a little further and topping it off with a pretty nail art?  Here are some Super Bowl inspired nail art design ideas to get you started.

  • PASS THE BALL – here’s an easy one that’s sure to get you in that sporty mood just in time for game day: football nails! You only need two colors to complete the look and that is brown and white and what’s even better is that the design is super easy to do but you can also go the extra mile and give your football nails some texture by dotting your nail polish on.

football design nail art

football nail design football nails

  • FIELD GAME – want to up the ante on your Super Bowl nails? How about something reminiscent not only of the game but of the playing field as well? You’ll need one more color in addition to the colors for the football design and that would be the color of the playing field: green. You can also go the extra mile with this one and use green velvet manicure to add texture to your nail art. Check out these awesome pics below.

field nail art

  • TEAM STRIPES – now, if you’re looking for something simpler and more subtle, you can always resort to stripes. Paint your color in stripes using your team’s colors. The Seattle Seahawks’ blue and green palette or the New England Patriots red and blue signature combo is sure to look great on your nails. Quick tip: if you want perfect stripes, use tape as your guide. It’s going to take a little while longer but the results will be impeccable and divine.

stripes chevron seahawks stripes for new england patriots stripes for patriots stripes for the seahawks

  • SPORTS JERSEY – feeling a little more adventurous and creative? How about painting your nails with some sports jersey inspo? Create a nail art design with your favorite player’s number or it or maybe try to do a logo. If you want to achieve this look but don’t have the right tools, you can use nail decals and nail stickers instead.

nail art numbers numbers nail art twelfth man

  • LOCO OVER LOGOS – and, if you really want something to represent your favorite team, why not try doing the logo on your nails? You’ll need a few couple nail art tools and brushes to get the job done because it can be a little intricate but if you don’t have any then, hey, hit up the nail bar!

logo for the new england patriots logo for the seahawks nail art logo nail art seahawks logo nail art

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