Summer Trends You Can Wear to Work

Many say that unless you work in a very creative environment like beauty and fashion, the workplace is not the place to experiment with outfits and explore trends. But then again, a lot of us spend most of our days in the office, right? So when and where exactly do we get to have fun with our style, then? Lots would be discouraged and would simply stick to the basics instead but while there’s nothing wrong with that, I think it’s all about finding the right looks and the right trends. Here are some summer trends you can wear to work.

  • CULOTTES – culottes are great for the work place. They’re not too gimmicky but they’re still one heck of a trend that’s sure to give you an edge over your co-workers outfit-wise. Pair it up with a silk shirt for an outfit that will make you look and feel gorgeous and fabulous or with something a little more on trend for a look that you can wear from day to night.

culottes and jacket outfit

culottes black and white office outfit culottes office outfit

  • HEAD TO TOE WHITE – sporting a head to toe white outfit in the workplace is a great way to keep cool and look chic. A white suit is perfect if you want to channel both your lady boss and fashionista sides. If you’re thinking of something more relaxed, say for Casual / Dress Down Friday perhaps, a dressy top with white skinny jeans would be the way to go. Of course, you can also take the more feminine route and sport a skirt and top combo.

all white girly look all white look all white office outfit

  • MULES – mules are one of the trends from the 90s that are making a huge comeback today and they’re a perfect addition to any work wardrobe. They’re the perfect alternative to your everyday work pumps if you’re looking for something unique and comfy.

mules and all black outfit mules for work mules paire with work outfit

  • LACE UP SHOES – lace up shoes and sandals are super sexy and chic and they’re great for adding just the right bit of sassy spunk to any look, including your office outfits. Wear them with a pencil skirt and blazer combo for a look that can easily take you from day to night or with cropped pants to showcase your long legs. Choose a design that isn’t too complicated or too tall to make sure it isn’t too much for the workplace.

lace up shoes lace up shoes for work lace up shoes and pencil skirt

  • NAUTICAL LOOK – the nautical look is another summer trend that you can sport in the office with no worries. It’s not gimmicky but it is very stylish. All you need to pull off this look are some white and navy pieces, stripes and red accents and you can wear all these however you like.

nautical themed outfitnautical white and navy


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