Summer Trends that are Even Hotter for Fall

Fall is almost here, lovelies, and if you haven’t already sorted out your wardrobe, it’s high time to do it! Go into overdrive and stash away your summer clothes and stock up on fall to winter pieces. Before you do all that, though, you might want to read about these summer trends that are even hotter for fall. Yep, you read that right. Not everything from summer has to go after all. These trends are staying with us until fall (with a little bit of tweaking, maybe, for warmth) so check them out and tell us which ones you like and what pieces are staying from your summer wardrobe into fall.

  • Pastels – who would’ve thought these light and dainty hues are going to make their way into a season laden with dark, warm and rich colors? Pastels are going to be just as trendy for fall this year as they were in spring and, of course, summer. Soft pinks and blues, especially, are going to be pretty big and it doesn’t matter how you wear them though we think they’d be really cute on coats and jackets to add a final girly touch to any look.

pastel blue oversized coat

pastel pink fall jacket pastel pink sweater layer

  • Two-piece coordinates – if there’s anything we thought we’d be missing so much from summer, it was those cutesy little two-piece coordinates that Taylor Swift ever so flawlessly rocked all season long but since these are going to be just as hot for fall, we’re good. If you plan on doing this trend for fall, make sure to take a coat or a jacket and to wear boots to battle the cold. You’ll be surprised at how this summer trend and those fall essentials go so well together.

skirt and top set outfit two piece coordinate set tartan coordinate set

  • Flowy, feminine skirts and dresses – so they made you look ethereally gorgeous all summer long, why stop in fall? These dresses can be worn on their own during early fall and can be layered with more boxy / structured coats or jackets once the temps drop to give it more attitude and to balance out all the sweetness as well.

flowy fall dress flowy maxi skirt pleated chiffon maxi

  • Jumpsuits – the biggest fashion statement of summer makes its way into our fall wardrobes and we couldn’t be any happier. Jumpsuits are so conveniently easy and chic. They’re very versatile, too, and aren’t much of a hassle to style and mix and match with other pieces. For fall, choose jumpsuits that come with sleeves. If you don’t plan on spending that much, reuse summer jumpsuits and layer them with a jacket for warmth (and added style, too!).

dark maroon jumpsuit for fall fall jumpsuit outfit layered jumpsuit outfit for fall

  • Floral print – florals have always been a staple summer trend but this year, we’re taking florals beyond summer and into fall. To make your floral printed piece look more fall-appropriate, add black accents to the mix. You can also get floral printed pieces with darker dominant colors to mix with your fall wardrobe.

floral skirt and black top dark floral pants earthy floral outfit

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