Summer Skirts to Wear

This season is all about showing your glorious gams. The legs you have once hid under denims and leggings are now begging to be displayed, once and for all! Give your gams the summer sunshine they deserve with the following summer skirts that you ought to wear.

Mini Skirts

Summer skirts are all about flaunting your legs. Of course, the best way you can do so is by wearing mini skirts. These cute pieces are undoubtedly stylish, that is why they can be worn with a variety of tops and accessories.

In fact, the most effortless way to look flawless in summer skirts is to wear it with a plain shirt. This allows you to go freestyle with the styling and detailing.

shirt and mini skirt

white top and mini skirt

Although mini skirts reveal much, they can be worn to work as well. The key is to wear a button-down top or a crepe top with it. You can also wear a silk spaghetti strap top and cover it up with a structured blazer.

mini skirt outfit for work

Knee-Length Skirt

Knee-length summer skirts are the perfect choices for ladies who want to reveal some – but not everything. Because of its appropriate length, it can be worn to the office without any fear of being disciplined by your boss. In fact, it’s a matter of ‘dressing down’ your look with casual pieces to get a laidback summer feel.

pink knee-length skirt

Although knee-length summer skirts are better for more formal settings, they can be worn to parties and road trips as well. The best way to convene this look is to wear your summer skirts with plain tees or graphic tops.

white shirt and knee-length skirt

Midi Skirt

There are times when minis and knee-length summer skirts just won’t do. For these occasions, a fashionably safe choice is the midi skirt. With a length that’s halfway between your knees and your ankles, it’s a trendy option for the office or for days when your legs are uncooperative.

white crop top and midi skirt

Like knee-length skirts, midi summer skirts are great for work. While the usual styling can render it boring, wearing it with a tied-up oxford top or a sexy crop top can spruce up your midi skirt outfit.

olivia palermo midi skirt midi skirt outfit

Maxi Skirt

Maybe you forgot to shave your legs. Or maybe it’s just too cold outside. For times like these, maxi summer skirts are the ways to go. These full-coverage frocks offer full leg coverage – without reducing your sex appeal. Because of its cover–all nature, maxi summer skirts are best worn with tops that show some skin, such as tube tops, strappy tops, or crop tops.

kendall jenner maxi skirt emerald green maxi skirt green maxi skirt

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