Summer Sandals to Wear This Season

Summer is, without a doubt, sandals season! The toes you’ve hid for so long are now back with a vengeance! If you are more than excited to show off your very pretty feet, then make sure to gear up with the hottest summer sandals of the season.

Unique Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the ultimate summer sandals, without a doubt. While they look stylish and classic, there are unique espadrilles that you should try out this summer. There are tie-up espadrilles, as well as open-toed espadrille sandals. With the wide variety of summer sandals out there, you will definitely have a hard time choosing only one. Go ahead, buy as many as you can!

high heel espadrilles

flat espadrilles tie up espadrilles

Lace-Up Sandals

Inspired by the gladiators of so long ago, lace-up sandals (also known as Gladiators) are the hottest summer sandals of the season! After all, they add a unique style to any outfit. What’s great about these summer sandals is they come in a variety of heights and styles. You can keep it laidback with a low-cut lace-up, or you can make a statement with knee-high gladiator sandals. Whatever choice you make, know that you will never go wrong with lace-up sandals.

black gladiators alessanda ambrosio gladiator sandals fringe gladiator sandals

Buckled Sandals

Mandals – or menswear inspired sandals – have taken the center stage lately. What once was considered too plain is now one of the most popular summer sandals. And of course, this is for good reason. Buckled sandals, after all, are comfy as they are stylish. While Birks might be your first choice, you can break out of the mold and try the more unique styles. With buckled summer sandals, you don’t have to worry about calluses and corns anymore.

fringe gladiator sandals dress and birks white birks

Shower Slides

Another menswear-inspired sandal for the season is the shower slide. Formerly seen on the feet of athletes, shower slides have become very popular summer sandals. In fact, even the trendiest of models can be seen in comfy shower slides. While the athletic styles are very common, there are girly shower slides that can appeal to the flirty fashionista in you.

athletic shower slides black slides unique shower slides

Track-Sole Sandals

Since the summer season often involves pool parties, it is best if you gear up in stylish yet slip-resistant summer sandals: the track-sole sandals. Because of its unique construction, these sandals can give you fashion freedom – without causing a faux pas along the way. While flat track-sole sandals are undoubtedly cute, it would not hurt if you opt for high-heeled track-sole summer sandals. After all, you don’t have to worry about slipping anyway.

cara delevingne track sole shoes track sole heels

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