Summer Outfit Ideas for When It’s Too Hot

The summer heat is truly scorching! For times when you need to get out – even it’s too hot outside – you have to wear the freshest of clothes possible. Keep yourself cool – physically and trendily – with these summer outfit ideas for when it’s too hot.

Choose Loose

If you want to keep cool in your summer outfit ideas, then make sure to choose loose, airy clothing. While skimpy crop tops and ripped shorts are sexy, the way they hug the skin can render you sweaty outside. So if you want to stay fresh and keep fresh during the hottest days of summer, then go for loose summer outfit ideas. I’m talking about Bermuda shorts, flowy tanks, and oversized tops.

green bermuda shorts

loose top and trousers loose top and skirt

Pick Patterns

Embarrassing as it might seem, the summer heat predisposes you to sweat and pit stains. So even if you are wearing heavy-duty deodorant, it pays to be prepared for such unpredictable stains. To camouflage these embarrassing marks, make sure to wear patterned summer outfit ideas. The crazy and vibrant prints will not only make you look good, they can hide ugly sweat stains as well.

patterned set patterned romperpatterned dress

Hide in the Dark

Although fashion rules dictate that dark colors can make you feel warmer, such beliefs are not necessarily true. They only apply if you choose dark outfits made from heavy fabrics. So if you want to feel cool – and hide sweat stains as well – then you should go for dark articles that are made from flowy, breathable fabric. With these summer outfit ideas, you can achieve a great summer look – without worrying about ugly sweat stains and what not.

brown dress black outfit black outfit for summer

It’s All in the Head

A summer hat is a good way to shield yourself from the heat, but the wrong kind of summer hat can render you sweatier in the long run. So if you want head protection without the added heat, then go for well-ventilated summer hats. Good additions to summer outfit ideas include perforated summer hats, which are fab as they are refreshing.

perforated summer hat alexa chung summer hat

Keep it Open

With the temps reaching 70F, it’s not enough that you wear light, airy clothes. The same rule should apply to your feet as well. Avoid wearing closed-toe shoes, and instead, terminate your summer outfit ideas with sturdy, open shoes. I’m talking about slip-on sandals, thong sandals, the whole nine! You want something that will air your feet out, to avoid it from sweating and emitting any kind of foul odor.

white sandals two strap sandals black slip ons

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