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Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks

Summer sure is here and, boy, is it hot! The heat from the summer sun may be something you looked forward to back in the cold winter days but it’s something your hair could really do without. Aside from posing harm to your skin, the sun can also damage your hair which is why it’s important to switch up your hair care routine and make it more protective against sun damage for the hair. If you’re thinking of tweaking your hair routine to make it more summer-friendly, check out these summer hair care tips for healthy locks.

  • Use products with UV protection – using products with all the unnecessary chemicals is bad enough but sometimes we have no choice but to resort to these and if you think it can’t get any worse for your hair than that, you’re wrong. Using all these chemical-filled products becomes even worse when you use them and you’re exposing your hair to the sun. If you can’t escape using tons of hair products under the sun, at least give your hair some protection by choosing to use hair products that contain UV protection. It could be an extra serum added to your hair routine or you can get it by switching from one product to another.

messy summer waves

midlength blonde hair

  • Protect and accessorize – protect your hair from the sun while also accessorizing to complete your outfit by wearing either a hat or a bandana when you’re outdoors. This tip helps you hit ‘two birds with one stone’ and maybe even three if you’re having a bad hair day and need a really quick fix for it. Make sure that you wear something on your head that’s not too tight and is still breathable. You wouldn’t want to end up with sweaty and smelly hair when you take it off.

summer blonde hair dark to light ombre hair

  • Deep condition more – back in the colder months, you were probably told to deep condition once every two weeks but now that the summer sun is beating down on your hair, you’ll have to do it more regularly, especially if you’re constantly using products, tools and exposing it to heat. Deep condition your hair once or twice a week. Doing this will help prevent dry hair, frizzy hair, split ends and other types of hair damage.

shiny brown hair loose braided updo

  • Protect with braids – if you’re not a fan of wearing hats or bandanas but you still want to protect your hair from the sun, you can do braids on your hair instead or sport a gentle updo instead. Braids and gentle updos will act as a layer of protection for your hair and scalp but make sure you don’t do them too tight so your hair can still breathe the heat out.

soft and loose updo inverted fishtail braid

  • Wash hair after sun exposure – if you’re as much of a beach bum as I am, I’m pretty sure you’ll be hitting the beach with every chance you get so that means you’ll be exposing your hair to a lot of things that could potentially damage it. Make sure to wash your hair up after you expose it to things like the sun, the sea water or the chlorinated pool water and even the wind that makes it sticky and gross. This trick will help eliminate any impurities that’s on your hair. You don’t necessarily have to use shampoo with every wash (we all know what that does to our hair, right?). You can just stick with water and / or conditioner.

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