Summer Fashion Trends

HI Ladies! I realised that I haven’t done a INS&OUTS post for ages! Cue my summer favourites and major dislikes.

IN :
Need I say more. I’m totally obsessed once again. Their blazers, jackets, shoes and bags are beyond amazing. Zara is really the place to go if you want a classic piece that will stand the test of time. As I’m getting older (and maybe a little wiser), my purchases are seeming to be more of the “I’ll have this for the next 5 years” nature so allowing yourself to spend a little more is worth it in the long run. zara outfit
Statement jewellery
I am loving serious arm candy at the minute. I’m obsessed with Tumblr pictures of bracelet stacks and amazing statement necklaces. I’ve been trying to Instagram (follow me @gemmalebond) my own statement necklaces in a bid to make me wear more of them. Pictured below is my newest  gold statement necklace – purchase from H& statement necklace
my inspiartion:summer statement necklacestatement necklace
Plain white tees
Me and my friend Rebecca have a theory that if you wear skinny jeans and an over-sized white tee shirt that you instantly look skinnier! I have been loving plain white tees from Topshop, Forever 21 and Next. They look amazing with jeans and high tops for day time but also with heels, a blazer and a statement necklace for easy night-time glam.
white t shirt and tight jeansloose top and jeggingsloose top and tight jeansloose top
Fake tan
I’m so fed up with tan. It smells weird and no matter if it’s £3 or £30, will indeed go patchy on some part of your body. Also, the amount of people lately who have very deep tans then lift up their arm….white arm pit anyone? I am looking forward to going on holiday and getting a natural tan!
The weather
In the past 10days I have both been soaked and had sunburn. I am not someone who sunburns very easily mind you. It’s so confusing! Typical Northern Ireland.
My hair
I have had a really fun time being a blonde for the past few months but I think I’m ready to return to the dark side! Everyone seems to love my hair lighter but I feel like I am having an affair with someone elses hair! I am naturally so dark that my roots come through so quickly. My hair is growing really well and the colour change was mostly to stop me from cutting it when I get bored. What do you all think-stay blonde or back to dark? I am going on holiday soon so I will leave it blonde until I return. See below for dark v blonde!
blonde vs dark hair ?dark hair
Let me know your honest opionion!

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