Summer Fashion Tips for Ladies of All Ages

Your fashion taste might vary throughout the years. Your choices when you were young might be different from the options you are making now. No matter what digit you are hitting up now, it pays to follow these helpful summer fashion tips for ladies of all ages.

20s: Leopard and Leather

If you’re at the young side of the age spectrum, you’ll be glad to know that the summer fashion tips for ladies at this age are endless! While you’re still young, you can go crazy with two of the trickiest trends: leopard and leather. While it’s easy to go ga-ga with these items, you do need to look stylish in these outfits. Leather by itself is hot, but it wouldn’t hurt to combine these two. After all, leopard looks sexy with black leather.

selena leopard outfit

kendall leopard outfit rosie leather outfit

30s: Luxurious and Ladylike

The summer fashion tips for ladies in their 30s are governed by luxury and feminism. This is the era of girl bosses and power women, so it’s but essential that you dress up to your position. Relish this decade by unleashing the girly-girl in you. Go for pastel colors, frilly items, lace, and other feminine frou-frou you can think about. Apart from ladylike items, luxurious emblems and add-ons can help you seal the deal. A sexy printed stiletto, baubles, and an embellished clutch are just some of the many things that will hallmark this great era of your life.

sienna miller luxe outfit olivia palermo luxurious outfit miranda kerr ladylike outfit

40s: Classic Separates

40s is a powerful time for most ladies, as this is usually the era when they are immediately climbing up corporate ladders and what not. Of course, the best way to mark your position is to wear striking clothes – most notably, classic separates. While a suit might be your go-to item, you can always showcase your fashion prowess by opting for unique separates. Summer fashion tips for ladies in their 40’s command presence, and separates demonstrate the best way to do so.

jennifer aniston outfit white separates gwyneth separates

50s: Burgundies and Browns

Color is vital when it comes to summer fashion tips for ladies in their 50’s. Maturity does come with age, like wine. With that being said, wine-inspired hues are perfect for your digits. Burgundies and browns are flattering colors, and their dark natures make them slimming too. What’s great about these hues is that they are very easy to match. Whether it’s a white top or a black one – you’ll surely look stunning as long as you pair them with burgundies and browns.

courtney cox outfit lisa kudrow dress julianne moore burgundy dress

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