Summer Fashion for Fall

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your favorite outfits this autumn. In fact, these pieces can redefine your entire look. Mix the best of both worlds by considering these tips on summer fashion for fall.

Drape your Jacket

Summer fashion for fall is not at all complicated. Sometimes, it’s just as easy as draping your jacket over your shoulders. This is a chic and simple way to cover yourself up this chilly autumn.

draped jacket outfit

draped coat


A coat or blazer might be your go-to toppers for autumn, but you should go beyond that. In fact, now’s the perfect time to incorporate summer fashion for fall. One of the best items to utilize for your daily outfits is the sleeveless vest. This can add a stylish layer to your outfit without keeping you too warm for perfect fall days.
buttoned sleeveless vestgrey sleeveless vest

Be Colorful

Summer fashion for fall is all about blasting your outfits with fun, shocking colors. Although the autumn palette trudges the dark and neutral territories, it doesn’t mean that you should follow suit. For this fall, experiment with your vibrant summer pieces. Throw in an abstract top, pastel skirt, and neutral jacket and you can have an ensemble that’s worthy of all the seasons.

fall printed outfit pastel outfit fall

Mix Hard with Soft

If your summer closet is composed of girly, frilly, and pastel-colored outfits, know that they make for good summer fashion for fall. What you need to do, however, is to juxtapose these ‘soft pieces’ with ‘hard’ ones, such as leather pieces and riveted ones. The combination of these opposing items will make you look stellar this autumn.

alexa chung fall outfit furry pink vest

Wear Pants

If you are head over heels in love with your summer dresses, know that you can use these as summer fashion for fall. But instead of exposing your legs, what you need to do is wear it with pants. This is a good way to keep your legs warm while veering away from the usual, such as tights and leggings. Throw a scarf on and you can achieve a boho chic look that’s perfect for autumn.

white dress over pants dress over pants

Belt it

Autumn ensembles can be bulky and they can obscure your sexy shape. So if you want to channel summer fashion for fall, then make sure to belt your autumn outfits whenever you can. It’s such an easy thing to do; it won’t take a lot of your morning prep time! Not only will it slim you down, it can make you look like an off-duty supermodel as well.

belted jacket grey belted jacket

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