Summer Fashion and Beauty Haul

Hello everyone!!

I wanted to do a quick post on some things that I have picked up lately while out and about shopping!
I have cut down my shopping pretty much by 95%, and if you have been reading my blog for awhile you’ll have already known that because I almost NEVER do hauls anymore.
Guess it’s just time to grow up and stop spending millions of dollars on makeup and clothes when I have MORE than enough! 🙂
However, some days you just want to shop shop shop, and that’s what this post is for! 😉
1 Sam Edelman Roza Pumps in Nude
 Sam Edelman “Roza” Pumps in Nude
This is my one and only splurge item in awhile, I have been really sticking with everything that I own and clearing out my purses and shoes and just having a few of my favorite ones left.
My town just recently got a Saks Fifth Avenue, so Eric and I went in to check it out and I saw these shoes and absolutely had to have them. These are normally around $160-180, but with the sale that was running, I got them for $90. I cannot wait to wear these out, and I will definitely do an OOTD when I do!
Eric and I are leaving town to celebrate my birthday this weekend and I will definitely be bringing these along!
2 sandals nude
3 sandals BLACK
Keeping with the shoe theme, I purchased these two pairs of sandals from Target.
These came in a ton of different colors, and were very affordable at around $13 each.
I bought the white first, and then loved them so much that I went back and purchased the black!
These are just so perfect for wearing any time with any outfit. You can wear them with a casual outfit, or even with a dressy outfit, and they fit in perfectly. I also am a sucker for the gold detailing of course. They need to make Rose Gold ones! 🙂
3 pair of earrings
I purchased this pair of earrings, actually from a vendor in Jamaica when I was on my honeymoon, and I thought I’d throw these in here too!
I actually didn’t do any shopping in Jamaica minus some gift shopping for friends and family, but I did really love these. They are a sort of brown toned purple with a rose gold sheen over the top. It’s a very unique color, and I love it against my darker hair. I really love dangle-earrings, especially when they have such a beautiful sheen.
4 bras
Yeah, I will totally show you my bras, because they are pretty, and because I bet you all want to know what bras certain people wear to get their boobs to look so amazing (cause honestly, I think about that some times!) I purchased these two bras from Aerie, which if you don’t know is American Eagle’s partner store that sells mostly underwear/bras/workout gear/female apparel. The pink/lace bra is called “The Drew” and the front orange/coral bra is called “The Maddie”. Here’s the scoop –
If you want the absolute va-va-voom chest, and perhaps are on the smaller side or just really want a lot of lift, the Drew is perfect. It has a lot of padding in the base of the bra to really give you the extra lift you’re searching for without looking too scary.
If you want to give your chest a better shape, perhaps a little lift and a little separation, the Maddie would suit you better. I absolutely love both of these bras, and only purchase them at Aerie. No complaints!
5 lip and cheek color
6 lip and cheek- out for fun
7 swatched
It wouldn’t be a haul without some makeup, so of course here it is 🙂
I purchased a couple items from MAC, one of which is one of the new lip and cheek products called “Out For Fun”. Basically this is like a multi-tasking cream product that you can use as a cream blush or a lip product.
I of course had to go for the bright coral shade, and I absolutely love it. It’s very soft and easy to work with, and has great pigmentation.
9 OPI nail polish
The very last thing I purchased is an OPI Mini Set from Ulta, and these are from the new Spider Man collection. I mainly just wanted the green one on the end called “Just Spotted The Lizard”, but they were sold out. I figured that I wouldn’t go through a whole bottle anyway, so minis are just fine. The other shades are really pretty as well, but remind me of things I would wear in the fall or winter.
By the way, the green polish “Just Spotted The Lizard” is a dupe for Chanel’s Peridot, which I have had my eye on as well!
So that is all for now!
What have you been purchasing lately, or are you on a spending ban?!

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