Summer Accessories to Complete your Style

Clothes make the (wo)man, but so does accessories! This is especially the case for this hot summer season. Complete your look – and be just like an off-duty model – with these summer accessories to complete your style.

Round Shades

Your bag of summer accessories is definitely incomplete without sunnies in your bag. Whereas last year saw the emergence of reflective lenses, this year is all about round shades. These oversized sunglasses are more than just stylish, they can make you look polished and elegant as well.

vintage round shades

round sunnies black round shades

Heavy Metal Accessories

No, I’m not talking about those with the bands “Nirvana” or “Pearl Jam” on it. I’m talking about jewelries layered with heavy metals. Instead of picking a handful of accessories and layering them out, heavy metal summer accessories can complete the ‘Aztec’ look in one go. Since they can be too overwhelming, be careful in using these jewelries. For the best style, wear it simple, solid-colored articles.

olivia palermo metal necklace elle ferguson necklace

Stacked Rings

True to the spirt of heavy metal accessories are stacked rings. While the minimalistic style is good, summer accessories are all about standing out. With a couple of stacked rings, you can channel the hippie, boho look that the season is wildly famous for. With these on your hands, there is no reason for you to hide them under wraps anymore!

gold stacked rings cute stacked rings stacked rings

Structured Shoulder Bag

While summer accessories are all about colorful totes and mini bags, nothing beats the look of sophistication that you can get with a structured shoulder bag. This refined item is the perfect addition to any look – especially if you want to sustain a graceful panache.

blue structured bag pastel satchel

Suede Shoes

Summer accessories are inspired by numerous decades, specifically the 70’s. With that being said, shoes reminiscent of the “Peace, love, and rock and roll” era make for this year’s best summer accessories. If you plan on creating a hippie look that’s sophisticated more than disheveled, then make sure to wear a good pair of suede shoes. While brown is the generic color, it is best if you chose shoes in livelier hues and unique styles.

red suede sandals green suede pumps

Crisscross Slides

“Flatforms” are considered some of the hottest summer accessories of today. While most styles are reminiscent of your shower slides, crisscross slides prove to be the best way to sashay in sophistication. Funky and fresh, they can make you look stunning without punishing your feet. While crisscross slides are ideal summer footwear, just make sure to avoid those made of rubber – as they can make you look like you’re headed towards a seven-year-old’s birthday party.

rihanna crisscross slides black crisscross sandals

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