Sukin Hand & Nail Cream Review

Hello everyone! so here is my Sukin Hand & Nail Cream Review!

A beauty product that is both environmentally friendly and cheap is a beautiful thing to me. I’ve been using products by Sukin Organics for a few years now. I’m always happy to pay a bit more if the product is environmentally friendly but it’s so nice when I don’t have to.

This is Sukin’s Hand and Nail Cream.





Sukin has a happy little logo that says “Carbon Neutral Product” on it. It is, not only an Australian company but it is Australian made as well. So if you’re in Australia, this means less shipping/transport needed which means less greenhouse gasses floating around. Check out their greatSustainability statement on their website for more information if you’re intested in this kinda thing. Ok, hippie rant is over now.

Sukin’s Hand and Nail Cream  is the hand cream I have on my desk at work. I worked in coffee for about two years when I was 18 and it left with me with dermatitis that flares up occasionally. At work my hands get irritated with all the filing. I tend to smother this on at those times when they get a bit feral. However, a little goes a long way as well when all I want is a little pick me up during the day. When used sparingly it absorbs quite quickly as well which is important for me at work because I type a lot and use the computer.

I wouldn’t say Sukin’s Hand and Nail Cream smells “pretty” but I find something kind of comforting about the way it smells. It smells, for lack of a better word, natural.

So, in conclusion, versatile + nourishing + environmentally friendly + affordable = genius! No excuses now!

Australia: $9.95 available at Priceline
UK: £7.95 available at (with free worldwide shipping) but more stockists are available on the Sukin website

Full Disclosure: The item pictured was a gift from Sukin, but I’ve bought this hand cream before and love love love it.

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