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Subtle Ways to Add Color to Your Hair

Adding color to your hair is a great way to spice up your look when you don’t want to do too much just to change up the usual. With so many colors out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick out just one color sometimes but when you do find a color that you like, there can be fear and anxiety since you really have no clue how the new color would look like on you (unless you’ve already worn the same color before). Thankfully, you don’t always have to go big and all out when it comes to coloring your hair. Today’s hair trends are so different from those in the past. You can have your hair colored partially and no one would say anything about it which is great. Check out these subtle ways to add color to your hair for when you don’t have to go all the way just yet.

  • Try hair chalk – hair color from hair chalk often comes off fainter compared to chemical hair dye so if you want to add just the faintest tinge of color to your hair that isn’t on the in-your-face level, this would make a great option. If you have dark hair, you can apply hair chalk on damp hair to intensify the colors a little bit and make it show up a little better.

rainbow hair chalk

hair chalk mermaid hair

  • Dark on dark – if you have dark hair and want to add just a subtle bit of color, go for darker shades as well. Black hair fading downwards to a dark ombre like blue or purple would look really cool and perfect for fall. You can also try fading dark hair into other dark colors like brown, dark gray or even a deep wine red.

dark to dark black to blue ombre

  • Light on light – now, if you have lighter hair, you can opt to fade your hair color into something softer and lighter instead. Blonde hair can fade into a rosegold-y pink hue or maybe a into a slightly brighter yellow. You can also try lavender, sea foam green or pastel pink.

blonde to pink ombre light hair ombre

  • Dip dye – another cute way to add just a little bit of color to your hair is to do the dip dye trend. You can aim for a more temporary result by using Koo-aid (click here for an easy tutorial). This can be washed off at the end of the day. If you think you can commit to a little bit of color, you can go ahead and get your locks properly dip dyed with chemical hair color instead.

dip dyed hair cool dip dye

  • A la Cruella De Vil – one more option to add just a bit of color to your hair is to take out a medium-sized chunk from anywhere you like and dye it. Yep. Just that part. This look is very Cruella de Vil inspired and is a much more subtle take on the more popular half black half white hair the villain sports.

blonde chunk with dark hair cruella de vil inspired

  • Try color progression – color progression is a more natural-looking way of adding color to your hair. From your natural hair color, it could progress to something lighter or darker, depending on what you like. It looks a little like an ombre but it’s more seamless and is perfect for achieving that ‘ freshly grown out roots’ look.

dark to light color progression natural hair progression