Stylish Ways to Wear Leather Ensembles at Work with Lara Caspari

Leather is one of the edgiest fabrics you may opt for to add some tough look to your too feminine and girly outfits. However, wearing leather ensembles to work may seem challenging as the dress code at workplace may call for conservative and corporate attires. Originally from Germany but now living in Switzerland, Lara Caspari is the fashion blogger behind Stiletto Meets Espresso blog known for her office-ready looks ranging from casual to formal styles. She even described her personal style as a more classic and feminine, featuring leather ensembles on her office outfits. If you’re looking for stylish ways to wear leather ensembles at work, let’s take some cues from her style.

lace top with pencil skirt

leather skirt and knitted top with trench coat leather skirt with bow tie blouse leather skirt with classic shirt and statement necklace leather skirt with fur coat pleated leather skirt with white top

If you’re a fan of traditional pencil skirts to wear with your chic and feminine top, why not trade them with a leather version that still looks dressy but edgy. Leather skirt is a great fashion piece that can let you transition easily from day to night. Like Lara, wear your leather skirt with a crop top but top it with a sleek coat or blazer to hide your midriff and make it appropriate for the office environment. Just take off the blazer after working hours when you’re going to the parties with your friends.

leather dress with fur scarf and coat

A leather dress may not be that office appropriate because of its strong and bold statement. However, you may wear it with a fur vest or blazer, or even wrap a fur scarf with your outfit to make the edgy statement tamed like Lara did. Also, skip those flashy colors that will not look professional and sophisticated. Neutral shades of black, white, brown, gray, camel as well as classic shades of navy and burgundy.

burgundy leather pants with chic top leather trousers with blazer and shirt leather trousers with checkered blazer leather trousers with peplum top leather trousers with printed blazer leather trousers with yellow shirt and blazer

You may trade your sleek straight leg pants to a pair of skinny or straight leg leather trousers. Just skip those bomber or sweatpants style as they won’t look professional for an office outfit. When you plan to wear a pair of leather leggings, keep your top piece longer that can cover your rare to avoid looking provocative in your workplace, or else, just resort to a pair of leather trousers.

leather jacket with dress leather jacket with business outfit leather jacket with printed dress

To add some edge to your feminine outfit, just throw on a leather jacket with your outfit. Choose those with decent and structured ones without edgy trims like studs, spikes, and fringes that look too casual and edgy for an office outfit. Skip those biker jackets or moto vest and go for open styles of leather outerwear that has a chic and sophisticated polish that will go well with your office outfit.

structured bag with sophisticated outfit leather gloves with blazer ans skirt leather bag with poncho and jeans leather bag with chic outfit

Leather accessories are the easiest pieces you can incorporate to your office outfit that will add some elegance and classic vibe. Like Lara, you may go for a pair of leather gloves and leather shoes especially if it’s winter or fall. Indeed, wearing leather ensembles at work can be acceptable as long you keep it modest, decent, and work appropriate.

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