Stylish Ways to Wear Lace-Up Blouses and Shoes

Lace-up styles on clothing have begun to be one of the biggest trends in fashion. It gives an edgy, classic and feminine touch to your style. Whether you’re the conservative type or the one who dares to bare, the lace up blouses fit your style. And for those loves ballerina-inspired fashion, lace-up shoes are perfect for you. Looking great with these fashionable pieces solely depends on how you wear them and what you wear with them. Whether you’re going to a night walk in the town or to a summer party, these are the ultra-chic ways to rock lace-up blouses and shoes like a boss.

boyfriend jeans

denim jeans flared jeans

For a casual laid-back style, pair your lace-up blouse and shoes with blue denim jeans. For instance, black lace-up blouse with plunging V-neck with baggy boyfriend jeans gives a feminine punch to a chic look outfit while a white lace-up blouse with flared jeans gives a bohemian vibe. For a sexy cool look, pair your lace up shoes with light washed skinny jeans, wear a white tank and top it off a blazer to make it weekend-adventure-ready.

lace up gladiators white blouse patched skirt long skirt

If you’re looking for a more feminine look, style your lace-up blouse and shoes with skirts. For instance, pairing your lace-up flats with vintage long skirt gives a bohemian and vintage chic look. On the other hand, a patchwork denim skirt with plunging V-neck lace-up blouse adds to the amount of chic that the outfit needs. For an all white looks, pair your white lace-up blouse with embellished floral skirt and white structured bag. Feel free to pick the various skirt styles to make your entire outfit feel super put together. Also, pairing a pair of lace up shoes with dresses gives a playful approach looking like a modern ballerina and it’s perfect for your next trip to the city.

leather black jacket leather jacket leather skirt

For an ultimate rocker chic looks, pair your lace up pieces with anything leather. All you need is a graphic shirt, leather jacket, and distressed jeans for that rocker chic style. Pair the lace-up shoes or top with a leather jacket that casually hung around your shoulders to give off an edgy vibe. The lace-up flats will bring a cool-girl vibe to the outfit. Or if you may, wear a leather lace-up boots for a bolder statement. Also, the statement glasses also add to the edgy look.

all black shirt all black dresslace up top with red coat

For an attention-grabbing in an all-black outfit, keep the focus on the lace-up detail of your shoes and blouse by wearing a black dress, black coat, black pants, and minimal accessories in your outfit since the lace-up details add textures and dimension. Sometimes, all you need is an all-black outfit to look fierce. But for some reason, giving a pop of color in an all black outfit like wearing a black lace-up top underneath a bright red coat and a pair of black pants gives a sexy look to the outfit. It’s because the black serves as a great backdrop for a contrasting color to shine.

stripes sleeves stripes shorts stripes ripped jeans

Do you have an eye for prints? Then sport your striped ensembles with your lace-up shoes and blouses for nautical-inspired looks. Opt for blue, white, red, and even black stripes for a better nautical inspiration.

Style you lace up ensembles to fit your personality and be a style setter. Lace up details are a great way to keep your feminine nature flaunts whether you’re rocking a casual, bohemian, ladylike, and grunge looks.


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