Stylish Ways to Wear Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are a fashion statement. But, knowing how to wear this fashionable garment can be tricky if a standard denim is all you’ve ever known. Jeans have left its standard color while still remaining timeless. While there are many stylish ways to wear it, matching the wrong top with the wrong colored jeans can cause your overall outfit to become unflattering or unbalanced. You can often find a pair of colored jeans that appeal to you simply by playing around with different outfit combinations. But, if you feel a little lost on where to begin, here are a few starting places you can jump from.

Take note of the right fit.

orange jeans

peach jeans

Just because you’re craving a particular color of colored jeans does not mean that you abandon all the rules on the best fit. Consider your body shape and the silhouettes that will flatter you. A hemline that hits just at the ankle is flattering to almost anyone. Also, choose colored jeans that work with your body shape. For pastel pants, you can show off the outline of your hips with boxy-silhouetted tops. But, if you’re someone who collects the majority of your weight at the bottom half of your body, it is smarter to choose a darker colored jean than a lighter one, especially if you want to wear a darker color on top.

Play it safe with neutrals.

black and yellow jeans white top lavender jeans

You can never go wrong with pairing any colored pants with neutral tones. Wearing neutrals with your colored jeans allows you to wear jeans in both bright and subtle shades, so the color you choose will be what sets the tone of your outfit. Opt for a trendy yet neutral shoe or even an elaborate shoe style as long as the color is still neutral. Select an appropriate jacket or sweater since some styles work best for with bold colored jeans while others work better for pastels and deep shades. Also, you don’t have to think in fear of whether bold accessories such as bulky jewelry and scarves will fit as they definitely will.

Stay mellow with a single color scheme.

coral outfit pastel green jeans coral top green jeans

The idea here is to use similar colors to tone down your colored jeans without becoming too monochromatic in the process. For the most subtle look possible, choose jeans in pastel hues or deep tones. The effect of pastel jeans is softer especially the colors such as mint green, baby blue, peach, coral, buttercup yellow, lavender, and light pink. Make your top a deeper shade of a like color. Keep the shoe feminine and simple. While the style depends on the cut of your top and your own personal preferences, you should play things fairly safe as far as the color goes.

Go wild with prints and patterns.

leopard scarf patterned top

To minimize the risk of creating an outfit that is too busy and unbalanced, opt for a light pastel jean over something bolder and brighter prints. Or, go with a patterned top in neutral or similar colors. Patterns that contain neutral colors tend to be a better option than those containing bright, vibrant hues. If you would rather go for a colored pattern, though, gravitate toward a small pattern that contains the color of your jeans in it. For instance, a leopard print scarf or tank top could work with khaki, dark red, and more subtle shades. Also, keep your footwear mellow by opting for a solid color rather than a pattern.

Play color blocking tricks.

white jacket blue pants purple jeans blue lapel green pants white top blue top red pants

Since color blocking refers to wearing solid blocks of contrasting colors, stick with a bold jean color, throw on a contrasting top and wear bright shoes. An easy way to do this would be to match your shoe color with the color of your top. Closed toe shoes, like ballet flats, sneakers, or boots, work better than strappy sandals since it covers more space and has a stronger presence. Then, balance it out with classic accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even hats. If you’re for a more gentle pastel and pastel look, feel free to launch out your most eccentric jewelry.

Now, feel free to color your style with colored jeans. Be creative, be confident, be a style setter!

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