Stylish Ways to Wear Choker necklace

Though chokers are typically getting that 90s vibe all over, there are today’s varieties of chokers that are readily available to give you a more updated look. Choker maximalist details such as chain links, lace, ribbon, gold embellishments, rhinestones, pearls, studs, or pendants are more modern but took some sartorial confidence to pull off because they’re unabashedly bold. True, choker necklaces can be a great fashion accessory when chose and worn correctly. And, this is how to participate in the style without sacrificing a flattering look.

When choosing chokers, be mindful of the length and width of your neck. A longer and more slender neck can wear wider chokers with more detail and gems to look fabulous. On the other hand, for a shorter or wider neck, slim and simple chokers are the greatest option; or else, you’ll run the risk of making your neck look even wider. The thing about chokers, especially black thin ones is that they instantly draw attention to the face, so it’s a style trick we can play with a lot.

dressy gothic top

victorian choker

If you rock a more gothic style, then opt for chokers with a Victorian Royalty style. Also, a lace choker is usually worn over off-shoulder dresses and tops but leather and rubber looks great too. Work with black in your overall outfit by wearing additional accessories in gothic styles such as black boots, and black jewelry. Maybe, wear some dark gothic makeup and hairstyle and you’re good to go.

dressy choker feminine choker beads feminine gold choker ribbon choker

To flaunt your feminine nature, then simply wear your elegant chokers with chic pieces. Details on chokers such as gold or silver color, pearls, jewel stones, and ribbons are ladylike. You might want to copy Kristina’s style by wearing a solid and thick gold choker with pink dress. Or wear long dresses with asymmetrical cuts like Nicole Warne. You may simply throw on a skirt and feminine blouse like Jane Aldridge for a simpler look.

grunge baroques grunge choker spikes grunge cross choker grunge military dress grunge mini skirt silver choker

If you like to channel the nineties grunge look, then opt for a black choker, thin or thick, with or without a pendant, and tie tightly around your neck alongside other thin necklaces piled over there. Like style blogger Jane of Sea of Shoes, she sported a beaded choker with an asymmetrical outfit and spiked brogue shoes for a modern grunge look. For 90s vibe grunge look, Olivia Emily wore her stylish chokers – with cross pendant or spikes with basic pieces, dress, and boots. For a casual grunge style, wear a thick style silver choker with a basic tee, blazer, ripped jeans and sandals like Masha Sedgwick did.

boho boots boho looks choker

You may also channel your bohemian vibe with chokers by wearing bohemian inspired outfits such as long dresses with boots. Opt for bohemian prints like tribal, Aztec, plaids, paisley and florals. You have the option to wear gypsy inspired details such as tassels, fringes, and such.

modern fabric pants modern pencil skirt romper cut

If you like to nail chokers in modern, sexy and sophisticated styles, then opt for modern cut pieces in sexy but not so daring looks. You may opt for see-through fabrics, laces, leather, wool, and even cotton. Just be mindful of the cuts and uniqueness of your outfits to look more modern.

A choker is a fashion statement that makes your accessory change the look of your simple outfit. Wear chokers in a creative and fashionable style day and night and stand out from the crowd.

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